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Samsung Exclaim and Phonezoo


Samsung Exclaim and Phonezoo

I had to have my Exclaim replaced today due to the fact my speaker stopped working. Luckily, my extra $7 a month insurance covered it and even more lucky was I didn't have to pay the $50-$100 deductibile.

I ended up losing ALL my ringtones that I had payed the ridiculous price of $3-4 for. I had about 6 different ringtones on my other phone and Sprint will do nothing to let me get them back for free. So I went in search of free ringtones online and was referred to Phonezoo. Neither the text messaging attempts or thew WAP confirmations will work and I'm wondering what the issue is. I created my own ringtone and downloaded a previous ringtone. They downlaod, but none of them play. I have made sure the volume was all the way up, but all I end up hearing is a quiet static. What is the deal?! I am NOT paying for Sprint's ringtones again.

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Re: Samsung Exclaim and Phonezoo

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