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Samsung Galaxy Tab "App update" doesn't specify app?


Samsung Galaxy Tab "App update" doesn't specify app?

I noticed an icon in my notification bar that looks like an arrow moving in the shape of a rectangle. It states that an application update is available. Clicking on it leads to an update screen that asks for permission to access just about everything - SMS, phone calls, etc. It doesn't state the name of the application. Clearly it's not a system update because it says "application update." I've tried checking Google but I can't seem to find any similar situations. Any idea what it could be? I'm obviously not going to install it.


Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab "App update" doesn't specify app?

Good morning Marissagg,

Unfortunately, it can be any of the applications on your device. These are normally standard permissions that 3rd party applications require. If you go to your play store and look at what applications need updating, you might be able to figure it out from there. Hope this helps!

Thank you,
- Heather
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