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Samsung M360?


Samsung M360?

My Samsung M360 has quit pairing with the bluetooth in my 2011 BMW X5.

This occured after a year of service when the tech at the Overlake store in Bellevue, WA did a hard reset (?) on my phone.

He now says that there is no solution and I have to upgrade to a data phone.

Has anyone else had this problem with Sprint?


Samsung M360?

I don’t see your phone model(Samsung M360)is compatible with the  2011 BMW X5 for Bluetooth. If it worked before, please use steps below to pair your phone with 2011 BMW X5.

To use your Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled phone in your vehicle, an initial one-time-only pairing procedure is required. To pair your phone, initiate Bluetooth® search mode in the vehicle. Then depending on the handset, initiate search mode or discoverable mode.* Once the vehicle finds the handset, a Bluetooth passkey is required to complete the pairing procedure. Please see Currently Available Phones section for more information.



Samsung M360?

Thanks Abe,

The phone has been to the dealer and even they could not pair it.

I think that the tech at the Bellevue, WA Overlake store upgraded (?) the program in the phone and it now has a new bluetooth program which will not work with the one in the BMW.  I have talked to numerous Sprint employees and every time I get to a supervisor the call gets dropped.

I think that they should either fix the M360 or give me a differeentt phone which will work in the BMW.

Thanks for your help.


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