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Samsung Rant SPH-M540 - Calendar Question


Samsung Rant SPH-M540 - Calendar Question


Thanks in advanced for any replies/suggestions.

The calendar function of the Samsung Rant doesn't seem to be working properly.

Whenever I set a Schedule for a daily, weekly recurrence it only alarms for the initial day.
It never alarms on the following days, week.

I read the manual and followed the calendar feature steps.

Any suggestions .....



Samsung Rant SPH-M540 - Calendar Question

When adding a new scheduled event to the Rants phone's calendar it will automatically populate the "end date" category with that days date.  If you want the event to be repeated you will need to extend this "end date" out for as long as you would like the reminder to reoccur.  This is in addition to selecting the frequency of the event (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.)

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