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Samsung Rant issue for anyone else????


Samsung Rant issue for anyone else????


I have a Samsung Rant.  The thing is that this is my second Rant.  It is doing the same thing as my first one.  I got my first one after my Sanyo phone broke .  The Rant started to radomly upload and download data and started to charge me for causual usage data fees.  It went on for about 6 months and I finally complained to Sprint.  They said it was a software issue and replaced it with a second one.  This one still does it.  I complained to Sprint again and they told me that they could send me ANOTHER Rant.  I said that would be my third one and I refused because I knew it would just do the same thing since the first two did it.  They advised me to go to a Sprint store (closest over 100 miles from my house).  I did that becuase luckily I had to be in that city for an appt.  The store looked at it and said that the phone was fine and had no issues with it.  I told them what had happened and they still said it was fine and I had the latest updates.  Before this, I went to Radio Shack and they didn't know what was going on.  So now the Sprint store locked my internet access WITHOUT my permission and I had to get it unlocked through Sprint's customer service.

Anyway, to stop the casual data usage fees, I had to apply the data package.  Some customer service representative told me that since I had so many problems, she would cut my data pack to $10/month or give me 300 messages for texting free.  Well, naturally I went with the data pack fee of $10/month.  My bill came and it wasn't applied.  I called Sprint and they said that it was never put on my notes of the account after talking with the customer service rep and that they don't have a data pack for $10/month.  So naturally I got screwed again.  I told them that I wasn't making it up and why would I make something like this up???  So here I am STILL paying $15/month PLUS the $5/month for text messaging.  I'm so fed up with Sprint that I want to go to another company.

Have any of you who have the Rant experience the same problems as me?  Do you have the data uploading and downloading without your permission and getting causual data fees?  When I complained to Sprint, the rep said that no one else has complained about this as a problem.  I said that I scour my bill carefully when it comes and either people don't look at it and just pay it, or they have the data pack on so the fees wouldn't apply.  I also said that I'm not the ONLY one out of 300 million customers that they have or however many it is.  She got defensive and said that she has the Rant and had no such issues with it.  I told her again, she doesn't pay attention to her bill or she has the data pack on it, preventing her from knowing about it.  I also told them that Sprint is selling a piece of crap phone and it needs to be pulled.

I wanted to write the President and CEO of the company telling them how bad the phone is.  She told me to go under contact us and there would be an address there.  She lied.  I e-mailed customer service asking for the address and all I got was a response saying that a supervisor would help me.  What a pile of crock!  So basically two phones do the same thing and its' a piece of crap.  I can't upgrade until January 1 for $75.  But at the same time, I don't know if I want to stay with Sprint even though I've been with them since 2002 or so.

Alrighty, with the venting done, has anyone else experienced this issue????  If so, PLEASE let me know so I can PROVE to Sprint I'm not the only one who has experienced this.  Thanks!


Re: Samsung Rant issue for anyone else????

I have had a rant for about a year this is my first and only one. It freezes sometimes when sliding it but I expect that with any sliding phone. So I for one don't really think this phone is that bad, but that's just my opinion.


Re: Samsung Rant issue for anyone else????

Well, you are deff not the only one. Not only do I get data charges, I have to Update Data Profile all the time, because almost everytime I pay my bill I can't send picture messages anymore. They told me that updating that data profile is a technique they have to fix the problem. My rant also freezes ALL THE TIME! & I slide mine open like rarely. When I tried to talk to someone about it after they "resovled" my picture messaging issue she told me that she couldn't help me with that she just wanted to know if she resolved my problem. & i told here no.

& a woman working at sprint having a rant? what's that the likely hood of that they have free phone service? & get the latest sprint technology. I doubt she even has a rant, and if she does she doesn't even recieve a bill ITS FREE FOR THEM!

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