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Samsung Rant - not enough memory?


Samsung Rant - not enough memory?

Whenever I try to download a ringtone, it says there's not enough memory, even after I deleted all my games. Also, when I try to assign a photo to a contact, it ays "there is no memory available". What's wrong with it?


Re: Samsung Rant - not enough memory?

I am getting this same problem, and Sprint Consumer Service has been nigh on useless in answering this issue for me. I'm also at a point where I can't save photos to contacts anymore, despite having nearly 29MB left on the phone memory (NOT the card). My phone has also been trying to download an update since forever, and every time it tries, it tells me I can't because I have 7K left... Then it was 4K... and according to the most recent attempt, it's 2K. What the gravy is going on???

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