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Samsung Reclaim and MP4s


Samsung Reclaim and MP4s

Hi. I'm becoming more and more disappointed in the Reclaim as any sort of media device. I've been trying for some time, and I just can't get it to play MP4s, in spite of what the advertising literature and specs say. The last thing I did was to start over and format the 4gb micro SD card, but that didn't help at all. I moved them to "MEDIA" (although that shouldn't matter), yet every single MP4 I try to play says "Can't play file." These are legit MP4s, meaning that they aren't ripped from a DVD or anything. They played just fine in my Blackberry without any tweaking whatsoever.

I should be able to just drag them to the Media folder (or wherever) and have the Reclaim be able to play them. The MP3s work fine. Has anyone actually played MP4s on their Reclaim?


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