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Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

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Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

Hey all,

I tried to see if there was a post on this already but I couldn't find it.Has anybody with the exclaim ran into a problem hooking it up via USB to a computer?

The problem is that when I try to connect it, the computer automatically tells me it could not find the driver or the USB has malfunctioned. This is not a computer issue, as I have tried with 3 different computers. THe phone itself just tells me "Please connect USB cable".

I was thinking I may need to get drivers for it, but am not able to find them anywhere, the userguide states we have them on our website as well as samsungs, but they don't exist.

Could something be up with the phone itself? I don't think its the cable as it will charge the phone and it will connect using a different phone (a sanyo phone).

I have made sure on my main computer all the USB drivers are up to date, I tried to use samsungs media center program, thinking it may install necessary drivers, but that didn't find it. I have searched samsung, sprint, google and any userguides I could find and nothing was of much help.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

Choose "connect to pc" on the phone, it's under "mass storage".

No driver is needed for Windows 98 or XP.

Before using your phones mass storage capabilities,

you need to prepare your phones data services to

synchronize with your desktop or laptop computer.

Once the phone is connected to the computer, you can

transfer your data to or from the microSD card.

With the microSD card inserted, highlight and

press > Tools > Mass Storage > Connect to PC.

(Wait for the connection to be completed. When

connected, the host computer will automatically

detect your phone.)

During this connection via the USB port, you will be

unable to use your phone to make or receive calls.

To remove the connection:

When you have finished transferring data, click the

USB device icon on your computers taskbar, and

follow the onscreen instructions to safely unplug

the USB cable.


Press DISCONNECT (right softkey) > DISCONNECT

(left softkey).

Important Connection Information

No driver installation is required for Windows 2000/

ME/XP/Vista users. If you use Windows 98/98SE, you

have to download and install the USB Mass Storage

Driver from the Sprint website at

Message Edited by Levi4u on 07-06-2009 12:25 PM


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage


I did. That where the problem comes in. When I select Mass storage, the computer tells me the USB device could not be recognized.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

I am having this same problem. I connot find a driver anywhere.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage


I was having this same problem...

i solved it by first turning the phone off

I then Removed the battery and discharged the phone by hitting the power button.
(Not sure if this is a needed step but it was something i did)

I reinstalled the battery then with the phone OFF! connected the usb cable... my vista machine then recognized my usb connection and said USB Device was installed correctly...

I was then able to turn the phone on and go to mass storage and select connect to pc...

Walla... worked just fine. Hope this helps... still trying to find the phone as modem software.. or issue


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

the phone as modem software should simply just be the newest smartview. typically it installs the drivers for any phone as modem device out there.

if you can't find it for the exclaim just download it for the highnote and it should work.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

i hope there will be a software update to fix the problem with this. i had to play around alot to finally have the drivers install.

what you suggested was definitly the first step though.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

Okay, I have tried all of the above and still can not connect to the internet through my phone.  Sprint tells me that this phone is unable to be used as a "modem" for internet connection and is going to be phased out.  But based on what I have read from all of your posts, you have been able to make this work.  How did you do it?  HELP.......Frustration is setting in.....


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

Hi, Levi!

Your solution worked instantly for me. I have a question, that may be a stupid one but I'll ask just the same. My new Exclaim came with an extra micro usd memory card. It's bigger than the one already inserted in the side of the phone, so where does the other one go? I need the memory for footage I take of a youth Christian dance group I teach when I tape their performances.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

The bigger card is the adapter for the micro card so that you may remove and use it in your computers card reader.


Re: Samsung m550 (exclaim) USB mass storage

I tried that and it didn't work. I tried it on my XP machine and my Vista Machine. When I plug in the USB cord, it goes directly to Charging the phone.  I get no other messages.

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