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Sd card and Samsung s 3, never worked


Sd card and Samsung s 3, never worked

So frustrated. Has anyone experienced SD card removed? Lost all my music, pictures.

It's the phone, not the card. Almost a year now. Live in hana, no possible way to get to the store to have it fixed. Freezes constantly. Remove battery daily.

This phone really sucks!

I've spent over 5-8000 $$$for a phone that can't support an expensive 16 gig SD card.

Sprint, I pray you do me right!

Without use of SD card, phone is bogus.

What is the deal with this? Sprint or cheap SD cards that are expensive.

Absolutely ridiculous, and ever so frustrating.

Sprint sucks. Customer service is good,

Never will I be a sprint customer again.

Never works as phone in two homes.

Not cool sprint....

Going with..... The Best.

Verizon. Please replace this lemon on your greedy dollar. I've been really screwed by sprint and this phone. I have every reason to cancel with no early termination fee.

You can have this phone.

Pissed off, bad. This is not cheap for a phone that doesn't work.



I'm here to help, did you try and see if you could place another card in the phone and if it could read it as well? if not then the card reader on the phone is pssibly defective and would need to be repaired or possibly have the phone replaced. I had the same phone and had no issues moving my sd card from my previous phone to my S3. Also did you sign up for insurance on the phone if so you may be able to make a claim?

Sprint Social Care


Ive had 3 galaxy s3 not one of the SD cards worked in the phone. Not happy with this phone at all. I do have full insurance but if the phones are not able to detect SD CARDS what good is the insurance?


Same here.. My SD card stopped working after last software update. And after that having issues with all apps as sometimes it downloads on the mobile and sometimes having sync issues. Not sure how to fix them.



Thank you for the reply.  Since you are having specific issues attributed to the update on your S3 I would chat with a Samsung product support specialist.  They can be found here:  Thank you.

Thank You,

Sprint Social Care Team

Michael C. 



Thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear that you've experienced issues with SD cards in various Galaxy S3's. Has a technician at one of our repair centers been able to identify what's causing the SD cards not to work in those phones?

Morris L.
Sprint Social Media Care

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