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Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life


Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life

Screenshot_20180710-130108_Device maintenance.jpg

 Took a screenshot of my battery life when fully charged. As you can see, it's at 15 hours. This is pretty impressive until you consider that the exact same device on AT&T has a battery life of over 26 hours with the "Power Saving Mode" turned completely off. By the way, on the AT&T S9+, that's when the Device is at 85%-87%.


Needless to say, it's rather disturbing to me that there is such a drastic difference when they are the same exact device, just different carriers. Can anyone answer for me why this is the case? Please help me understand. I spent my hard earned money same [amount] as the AT&T customer, but they seem to be getting way better services and features. Why is that?


Re: Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life

There are a lot of things that can lead to the difference in battery life. There may be apps that are carrier dedicated that is pulling more power from you than them. With a quick look at that screenshot, you have a lot of notifications. This usually means a lot of open and running apps. I recommend logging out of Facebook when not in use. Also, the use of vibration over a ringing phone will drain the battery faster. Your Bluetooth is also on, is your visibility on or are you just using it for headphones? Are you using a special app to get that font, or is that a theme? You can click that battery usage button to see what is draining the battery the most.





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Re: Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life

Thanks for the quick reply... Just to let you know, my battery life was that low when I first purchased the phone...

Re: Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life

According to my research it does show it should have 31 or more hours of battery life. At this point I think it may be a defective battery. I suggest calling Samsung and seeing what troubleshooting they may have for this. Potentially a new battery from them may be needed.



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Re: Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life

Can you tell me where you did your research showing that it should be 31 hours or more? I would like to have it to prove my case. 


However, don't you think that Sprint should be providing that troubleshooting and, if need be, providing the replacement battery? Samsung will try to charge me for a detect that is their fault and will have a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense the use to justify it. 


Re: Sprint S9+ vs AT&T S9+ Battery Life

the device is under a manufacturers warranty for more than likely a year..

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