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Sprint will begin roll out of Android™ Ice Cream Sandwich to customers in 2012


Sprint will begin roll out of Android™ Ice Cream Sandwich to customers in 2012

Sprint will begin to roll out Google's latest version of Android™, Ice Cream Sandwich, to our customers in 2012. Ice Cream Sandwich will be available via an over-the-air update to a variety of devices including Galaxy™ S II, Epic™ 4G Touch and Nexus S™ and other key products in our line-up. Stay tuned for more details and exact timing.

- announced today in Sprint News blog

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They cannot even give me a reason to stay as a sprint customer. This is such a joke!!!!!!


You:When will Sprint release Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S2?

Richard S: Let's move this chat and make it a window of its own. It will enable you to view other Web pages while we chat.

Simply click the white Yes button below now.

Richard S: Thanks for moving the chat window.

You: sure thing

Richard S: Thank you for sharing additional details. Please give me a moment while I research that for you.

You: sure

You: hello?

Richard S: I am happy to help you. Please give me a moment while I look into it.

You: Okay

Richard S: Thank you for waiting.

Richard S: Ruben, I can see that Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S2 is not release yet . Once Ice Cream Sandwich for the

Galaxy S2 will be released from Samsung . You will be able to see update at

Richard S: You can sign up for receiving news and alerts about the latest offers and new innovative product announcements

from Sprint at your email address by clicking on the link below:

You: So Sprint doesnt have an ETA on when it will be release?

You: released*

Richard S:We apologize , Once we will get any information from Samsung we will let you know and update online .

Richard S: You can also visit

You: Information from samsung?? They released ICS to you guys a while ago.

Richard S:*I am sorry .

You: Am i getting the run around here?

You: Samsung released ICS to all carriers a while ago

You: Every one else has it but Sprint. All I want is an ETA

Richard S: Ruben, We dont have any information or Any ETA to share with you as per my system. Once the Ice Cream

Sandwich for the Galaxy S2 will be release . We will let you know .

You: this will determine if my next purchase is with sprint or someone else

Richard S: You can sign up for receiving news and alerts about the latest offers and new innovative product announcements

from Sprint at your email address by clicking on the link below:

You: Ok so no ETA! ::Sigh:: Can you tell me when ICS will be available for the LG Viper?

Richard S: Ruben , Once the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S2 or LG Viper will be release you will be receive update on

your phone Automatically and you just need to click on there to update .

You: Ok maybe i'm not making myself clear

You: I dont want to wait around and hope my device will be updated, the OS has already been out for quite some time. If these

devices are not going to receive a proper update. I'd like to either have 1) a phone that is up to date or 2) a carrier that will

provide those phones with updates. Sounds like sprint cannot provide me with an answer to either "question"

Richard S: However , you can perfectly contact to our Technical team at 1-888-211-4727 number . So they will assist you

accordingly .

You: I might have purchased the S2 if it was going to get the update

You: Ok so your Technical team has the answer?

Richard S: Ruben, I have already provided you the answer. Once the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S2 or LG Viper will be

release you will be receive update on your phone Automatically and you just need to click on there to update to use Ice Cream

Sandwich on your phone . i have provided you the technical team because if you wish you can contact to them and they will

give you the same resolution.

You: A resolution has not been provided! I asked a direct question that will decide if i am going to purchase a device or not.

YOU are telling me that i need to purchase the device and i'll receive an answer after the fact.

Richard S: Please wait.

You: Then the proverbial slap in the face by saying " if you dont believe me, talk to our technical team & they'll tell you the same

thing". Which is not the answer to my question. Tell me, why should I stay with sprint and not find another provider?

Richard S: Please wait.

You: ok

Richard S: Ruben, Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S2 yet not release . However i am providing you steps , Once Ice Cream

Sandwich for the Galaxy S2 will be launch . It will be Automatically loaded on your phone . Should I provide you steps ?

You: i'm perfectly capable of upgrading a handset. I DONT YET OWN THE PHONE, I want to buy the phone. But if I cannot

receive at the VERY least, an Estimated Time of Arrival. I have no choice but to believe that my carrier is clueless, and does not

know how to take care of its customers. This is not your fault Richard, but again i ask... why should I stay with Sprint?

You: I'm not going to buy the phone if I have to wait 6 months for it to be upgraded, to what will be at that time an already on its

way OUT, operating system.

You: This is a very serious question, i'm giving sprint the opportunity to keep me as a client right now.

You:Why should I stay with Sprint?

Richard S: Ok. Please wait.

Richard S: I understand that you want to buy the Samsung phone with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Richard S: As we currently do not have any details on the availability of Ice Cream Sandwich, we will not be able to commit any

false date of its arrival.

Richard S: If I would have any such details available, I would have definitely provided you the same.

You: Provide me with a reason to stay with sprint as my carrier!

Richard S: I understand that you want to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S2 and can understand your situation.

Richard S: I apologize for the inconvenience caused as we do not have exact availability of date.

You: Very well. You have managed to push this family plan to a competitor. We'll pay the early termination fee to get quality

service. Thank you for your time Richard.

Agent is typing...


I can't believe so many adults are acting like this and treating Sprint like this.

I want it released as much as everyone else but get your facts straight, Samsung has not released a final build to Sprint yet. The current builds are causing bricks when flashing in some occasions, do you want a bricked phone?

To the poster above, if you want ICS, get a Nexus device. That simple. If you don't, then don't ecpect updates. Calling and bitching to a Sprint chat support making them think they will lose a customer is not going to make it come quicker.


Not quite right. Samsung has released its part to Sprint. But because Sprint/Verizon treat their sub-par CDMA/4g/LTE code like it's a national secret there's a slight hangup. This might change now that Sprint has agreed to work with Google on the AOSP sources for the Galaxy Nexus but unless Sprint stops being irrational about code (the code only drives the hardware, there's nothing worth protecting here, especially not if you're making money on hardware, not software) we won't see S2 ICS any time soon.

If we had the sources, all the sources, for the modem and kernel drivers we could do amazing things, Samsung could do amazing things, Sprint could sell more phones. We don't. Same reason you won't see JB for the S3 until long after everyone else has it.

If you want to stay current on your OS there's a simple answer: go GSM, buy an unlocked Nexus, and you're part of Google's release cycle. Everything else out there, from Sense to TouchWiz, every other phone, is just independent developers who benefit from the open nature of Android (AOSP) but aren't necessarily committed to it.


The emmc bug was fixed by samsung by changing how the recovery wipes the /data partition. And quite frankly, Sprint was my only trek into the CDMA world...I wont be going back, Its a propritary and garbage technology that only complicates everything and supports carrier-lock-in. The ICS release candidate I tried over a month ago (before jumping ship) was near perfect, which leads me to believe samsung is not at fault for the delay...the rom community built and AOSP rom and kernel from android source, and fixed pretty much everything before an "official" ETA is announced, im sorry but thats embarassing. Personally, I think sprint is purposly delaying it becuase they feel it would hurt the sales of the SGS3 and other ICS ready devices.

And frankly, I'm really really getting sick of how technology is turning into WW3. You cant buy a GSM nexus from the play store right now....even if you wanted to. I guess google didnt clear jellybean with Apple before they finalized the initial release....because you know, Apple now pretty much owns the tech industry with a bunch of broken and broad patents.

Im not rambling here...the Apple/Google patent issues could delay the ICS release for the Epic 4G touch EVEN LONGER because they are gonna need to remove universal search to avoid a patent infringment case from Apple, which appearently is now its own division of the US Government.


This issue is no longer simply WHEN is ICS coming to the SII. The issue is that everyone from top to bottom is LYING. 5 calls to tech support or to Samsung results in 5 differet answers. SAMSUNG says its in Sprints hands. SPRINT says its in SAMSUNGS hands. I was sold a handset on the PROMISE of ICS coming within weeks. THAT was in December. I was lied to. Why not simply tell customers the TRUTH instead of a pre-written scripted response that informs no one of anything..  I will probably buy an SIII anyway eventually.

I despise being mislead and lied to. Even worse Sprint will off me no extra consider in the SIII purchase for having LIED to me. It is almost as if they do not want my business anymore. Children? I think not. Pissed off adults for sure.


Yea, Sprint has been garbage. But I'm not paying ETF for three lines so I have to wait it out more than a year, or until they are cheap enough to justify the ETF. I'm going off as soon as I and have been telling everyone to STAY AWAY. They need to get their service in order, I can wait on updates or use custom ROMS, but everything else has been the worst experience ever.


I love the part where everyone has to post that they have had the worst experience ever...  "I'm paying the ETF and going to xxx carrier!" Bah, the majority of you are posting these lame cries for attention in the hopes that some community mod will see it, panic, and immediately have someone from thier retention team call you and give you free stuff.  This is unlikely to happen BTW.  There are too many of us who have no issues with our Sprint service. Yes, the ICS thing is a PITA...  Yes, it's kind of irritating.  The fact is, Sprint Corporate is not the entity that lied to you.  It was that sales rep who was trying to get your money and pad his/her numbers. Pull up your big-kid pants, honor the CONTRACT you signed.  You can bet that Sprint does.  If you happen to have a legitimate breach, ok.  I get it.  delays in coding ICS...  that's not a breach.  Good day.


OK , you be that guy. I have ZERO expectations of anyone from their retention department contacting me. I think its unlikely they would contact anyone complaining here. In all seriousness though, what free stuff could they give me? More unlimited data??

Being a PITA is one thing, being so far behind the curve that it affects your customers is another!!! I was with AT&T for years and hated paying 25% more for their service... now I know why they charge more after coming to sprint. Not sure i'd go back to them but i'm going to look at all other options.

Just because your ok with sucking the corporate teet, doesnt mean everyone else should fall in line. I'll pay to break the contract if I feel like ANY company is not holding up their end of the bargain. They will get their money so why do you care if people are not willing to put up with their deceitful ways?? What stake do you have in the situation? You should keep painting with that broad brush, i'm sure it works well for you in real life also


We havent even begun discussing 4G service!!!!!!!!!  L O L Z for everyone!


Lolz. This is why I don't point at specific people.  I never said YOU were expecting said treatment.  The sad fact is, that the majority of corporate community posters (including Sprint) are doing so out of a sense of entitlement. Hey, i get it.  Some sales dweeb ran his mouth and gave you an unreasonable expectation. The problem I have is not the legitimate gripe...  Especialyy if there is some function of ICS that is a requirement for your business dealings (as an example).  My gripe is people blaming a corporate entity for the actions of a rogue employee rather than taking the steps to have that person dealt with directly.  Based on my conversations with sales staff, no guidance was ever given to them concerning an estimated release of ICS.  In fact, the salespeople I have talked to informed me that from a corporate policy standpoint, the only thing they were allowed to say is that Sprint plans to bring ICS the the SII at some point. 

Maybe I'm the oddity, but aside from this and the 4G fiasco (which I admit really gets to me), I have had nothing but exceptional service from the Sprint Reps I have talked to.  I'm by no means a fanboy... I have simply come to realise that there isn't a better carrier out there.  They all employ dishonest people, and they are all doing thier level best to get as much of your money as they can.  The only difference is whose teat you're sucking.  My stake in the situation is simple.  My amusement. 

My broad brush?  Yeah.  It works remarkably well.  People, in general, act and react in predictable patterns.  Individually, we are amazing...  in a group...  we are only marginally more intelligent than your average flock of geese.  It's sad really. 

I think I get the defensiveness...  So let me make clear that my post was not aimed at any specific person.

Oh, and BTW...  Richard S. was a moron and I completely understand your particular position.  I am starting to consider myself pretty fortunate not to have been forced to deal with anyone like him so far.


Cynical condescension, knee jerk social broad strokes and easy dismissal of folks genuine concerns aside.

When ONE salesperson lies to make a sale you can call him/her "rogue". When hundreds report being lied to by hundreds of Sprint employees, it becomes an institutional corporate agenda in full play. Employees do what they are told. ALL of the carriers have similar negative baggage. I was deliberately lied to. THEY violated their moral and legal contract with ME. Now they refuse to do THEIR keep their promises.

I expect nothing from corporate toadies or Pakistani help center operators. I do expect them to take responsibility for what their employees do and say to customers. I do not want a refund or a new phone.. I want fairness.. Ya I know its an unrealistic expectation...but I DO hope someone from Sprint will read these posts and at least realize that this level of mendacity and chronic dismissal of customer concerns cannot be sustained for much longer before loyal customers (like myself) start finding alternatives in droves...This isn't just a warning for Sprint. ALL carriers are pulling this shit. But there IS a horizon out there full of alternatives that do not require a carrier's involvement.   


Cynical?  Yeah...  Condescending?  Ok...  that too.  Knee-Jerk?  not in a million years.  8-p

all joking aside, you highlight the one point across all the threads that I've read that really hits the heart of the thing.  They are each as guilty as the next... Of refusing to take responsibiity for thier employees' actions. Of squeezing every last dime out of a family, regardless of value. Of deceptive practices and dealing "under-the-table" with one another. The legal system only reinforces this behavior. 

If that carrier-free future comes  to pass, it can never be too soon...  The question is, how to break the dominance of the carriers in a Federally supported market closure?  A decent handset without contract subsidies presents a ridiculous out of pocket cost to many consumers...   Sure, many corporate entities will provide some form of telephony to thier employees...  At least, the ones deemed important enough to get calls at 2am... or those who travel... But What about the rest?  Let's talk about manufacturers...  Are these retail prices justifiable based on the development, marketing, and production costs?  Doubtful, but who's going to force the prices down?  Consumers?  Not likely.  A wireless phone has become a utility in this country.  We'll just keep paying what they tell us to pay when they tell us to pay it. 

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