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Stay Samsung Moment or Blackberry Tour 9630?


Stay Samsung Moment or Blackberry Tour 9630?

Had the HTC Hero briefly. Exchanged it for the Moment after having some dust under the glass problems. Have been pretty happy so far with the Samsung. Love the physical keyboard. It just seems to be a little glitchy on me every now and then (not very responsive to touch). Just curious if anyone has tried both and had a preference? Wanting to pick a phone that I am going to love for the next 2 years. Thanks.


Re: Stay Samsung Moment or Blackberry Tour 9630?

Have you looked at the thread with the title of something like "Re: Traded my Hero for the Samsung Moment"?  That may not be the exact title, but it is close.  I traded my Hero for the Moment and could not be happier.  There are things to love about both the Hero and the Moment. It is all a matter of choice and what is more important to you - for me it was the physical keyboard, but I also love the speed and the display quality. I don't miss the SenseUI on the Hero at all; basic Android is fine with me because I can still get all the wonderful Android apps I want.  I had been leaning heavily toward the Tour, but based on my own assessment I decided against the Tour before I got the Hero. I was thrilled when the announcement about the Moment came out, but decided to try the Hero first because I actually like HTC phones - I had both Mogul and Touch before the Hero - but I am well-pleased with my Samsung Moment and plan to keep it for at least a year without really looking for the next "must have" phone to come out.

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