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Support Ticket Unresolved


Support Ticket Unresolved


I was given a support ticket a few weeks ago but never received any email or text confirmation.

Nor has this issue been resolved.

The Sprint chat feature seems to be missing from the website entirely and I don't have time to spend an hour on hold like I had to previously.

Please advise, thanks



Hi Brad! Thank you for visiting us here in Community. Were you given some type of Ticket #? Also, may I ask what was the issue that the ticket was created for? 

-As far as the website, sometimes the chat button won't populate right away, and sometimes it takes a few minutes to pop up.


Thanks for your response. 

My ticket # is 


II'm trying to change devices to an unlocked BYOD Samsung S8 which is currently unable to register on the sprint network


Okay I will look into your ticket and get you an update.


After reviewing your ticket, I see that the result is this device cannot be added to the network at all. "The MEID does not fall within the range of devices that can be activated on Sprint's network." Unfortunately, that particular phone cannot currently be activated on our network. 

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