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Trying to unlock phone


Trying to unlock phone


I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that is fully paid off, and from an account in good standing. Yet I cannot unlock the device to accept other SIM cards. I have set the phone to factory defaults and when I go to UICC unlock, it errors out with an internal error 407.


Please help, this phone was unlocked before but after a factory reset, it locked it again to Sprint SIMS again.


Hey. I can help you out with this. Here's a link with tips, on how to prepare the phone for unlock SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks I'm going to send you a PM now, to get some more info.


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plz help me i have the same issue, sprint says that its successful unlocked buty phome says at uicc device locked to sprint only sims, they don't wanna redo it, i get error 407, i didn't know that im not supposed to take out sim, and i did. plz if have any solution thanks

Hi there. It sounds like you didn't have the Sprint SIM in the phone at the time the signal was originally sent out. I saw your message that you sent to Ann and will be replying to you back on that PM since we'll need to get some additional info in private. Keep an eye out for a message from me shortly.


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