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Two issues since downloading an update on 8/23/17 - Enhanced messaging popup and predictive text


Two issues since downloading an update on 8/23/17 - Enhanced messaging popup and predictive text

My Galaxy S8 downloaded an update yesterday which has resulted in two issues:


1. The enhanced messaging notification keeps appearing when opening the messaging app - it appears this is a known issue and a fix is in the works?


2. The predictive text bar that would appear on top of the keyboard NO LONGER APPEARS when typing into apps that include but are not limited to: the google app search bar, google search bar in the web browser, gmail (when searching for emails), facebook searching, basically a number of apps with a general search function no longer have a predictive text bar that would appear above the keyboard anymore when typing. Predictive text is ENABLED in my settings and I've tried restarting my keyboard with no results. Please help, as I can't seem to find an answer on this issue anywhere. 


Everything was working fine before the update.


@fireguy_6364 wrote:
out of curiosity. do you happen to have battery saver mode enabled? if so turn that off, restart the phone and recheck to see if anything starts working again or not.

Battery saver mode was never enabled. I tried restarting, no difference.


Am I really the only one in the world with this issue...?


Since you and your friends are having the same issue after updating the phone, it might be because of the update. You might want to check if somebody else is having the same issue. If more people are having the issue, you might have to wait until the next update comes out to see if the issue gets corrected.

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