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USB Tethering Samsung M520 to Windows 7 (64bit) HP Laptop - How to?


USB Tethering Samsung M520 to Windows 7 (64bit) HP Laptop - How to?

Actually I'm posting this question on behalf of my brother who owns the phone mentioned (Samsung M520).  He added the Phone as Modem plan to his phone so that part of it should be ready to go. However, we can't make Windows 7 (64-bit) recognize the phone. 

Steps we've taken so far - in order:

1. On my computer I downloaded Smartview, copied it to a thumbdrive, and then installed it on his HP Windows 7 (64-bit) laptop.

2. We plugged his phone into the laptop, and Windows searched a few seconds for a suitable driver - but failed saying "SAMSUNG CDMA driver could not be found.

3. On my computer I went to Samsungs website and downloaded the only driver I could find for the "SPH-m520" phone, copied it to a thumbdrive, and installed that on his computer as well.  Rebooted the computer afterwards.

4. I deleted the "SAMSUNG CDMA" device out of device manager to force windows to search for the driver again the next time the phone was plugged in.

5. We plugged the phone in again - but it still can't find the driver???????????

According to Sprint Tech Support the phone should work with Windows 7

What in the "heck" are we doing wrong here???  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!



Have you tried using a bluetooth adapter on the computer? I bought one (iogear) at Target for $14 and it recognized the M520 almost immediately and installed without any problems, I just don't have the phone as a modem plan yet. Btw, I'm using Windows 7 too. Just a thought, hope something works for you.


Thanks for the reply.  Since my original post, my brother went to the Sprint store again and this time they told him the M520 was NOT compatible with Windows 7, so he cancelled the Phone as Modem add-on!!   Seems rather strange to me seeing as at first they said it WOULD work, and now they say it WON'T - especially since you managed to get it to work via bluetooth.   You didn't mention which "flavor" of Windows 7 you have (32bit or 64bit)  If you have the 32bit version, then perhaps the compatibility issue is just with the 64bit version.

I sent an email message to Samsung via their web site email form a day or two BEFORE I posted the question here, and so far they haven't even bothered to answer.   Looks like one of things that no one knows to answer to.

Anyway, thanks again for the reply!!


I'm using the 64 bit Window 7. When I use the bluetooth and the m520 together, it even displays the phone on the devices and lists it as a modem. The problem with Sprint is, you have to keep talking to other people there to until you finally reach someone that knows what they are talking about. Sometimes, I have to call 6-8 times before that happens. Good luck.


I'm having the exact same problem as GEvans with the M520 and Win7 64-bit.  However, I do have a plan that should allow me to use my phone as a modem, and a bluetooth device in my laptop.

When connecting via a USB cable:

I can't find a driver that Win7 x64 will like for the SAMSUNG CDMA Technologies device.

When connecting via bluetooth

Windows 7 is able to see the phone.  However, when telling Win7 to use the phone to try to connect to the internet, it fails for some unknown reason.  Watching the phone, I see it accepting the internet request, and it thinks it's online for a moment, and then no errors on the phone's side.  So not sure what's going on here.  The Win7 troubleshooter is unhelpful.

In both connection cases, I can't get Sprint Smartview to see the device.


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