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Unlocked Note 9 wont work on Sprint


Unlocked Note 9 wont work on Sprint

I had my galaxy note 9 activated on at&t network however, decided to switch it to my sprint account. at&t unlocked the phone from their network (went through the process where they have to email an "unlock code" to reboot ur phone). However, once I completed that process, and waited a few days (now we are several weeks later)  Sprint customer care still said that the IMEI cant be found in the system so the phone cant be activated. Frustrating because I was under the impression as long as the phone went through the unlock process, I should be good to go. Can anything be done about this or am I just stuck putting it back on at&t?

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Re: Unlocked Note 9 wont work on Sprint

I'm going to assume the Note 9 was purchased from AT&T? At this time, we're only accepting the Note 9 Special Edition. This is the open market version sold directly by Samsung. 





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