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Updating Network (Update Profile) - Purpose and Steps (Samsung/Android)


Updating Network (Update Profile) - Purpose and Steps (Samsung/Android)

This post is intended for reference for customers and Social Care agents for steps on updating the profile on a Samsung Android Devices (Galaxy SII. SIII. Note2) device.

Updating the profile will ensure that the proper programming information is saved into a device. *It will correct a missing or incorrect profile that may result voice, data and text issues.


From the home screen press Menu button --> Settings

Scroll down and select System Updates and press Update Profile.

Wait for the proccess to complete.

You will recieve a completion or failure message. If the proccess fails, esure the device is in good Sprint Network coverage, power cycle the device and try again.

Screenshot_2013-04-16-10-42-20.png Screenshot_2013-04-16-10-43-07.png Screenshot_2013-04-16-10-46-02.png

Thank you,

Chris & The Social Care Team

*The update profile is not a fix-all and may not solve all problems. This step is intended to correct problems caused by missing or incorrect programing in the device.

Please reach out to a Social Care team member if you problem continues.

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