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Voicemails Not Received


Voicemails Not Received

Up until today, I hadn't received any voicemails for the past six weeks even though I was told by people I followed up with that they'd left me a voice message. There were no voicemails on my phone and none when I called in. Today, I got 15 voicemails all at once. This is unacceptable because a couple of those voicemails needed return calls for appointments and tests and it's a good thing I called them to find out why they'd not left a voicemail. When I called them, they told me they'd left one.


My Visual Voicemail app is up to date though I'd like to dump it since it constantly nags me to upgrade to premium, I've cleared my cache and data, the option to uninstall the app is grayed out so that's not possible...I'm not happy at all about this. I need my voicemail to work! I have it so that I'm notified and get the voicemails in a timely manner. 


Has anyone else had this problem and how did you resolve it?


Re: Voicemails Not Received

I hate when someone says that they have called and left a voicemail. Then I check and there isn't one. Lets figure this thing out together! What type of phone do you have? Are there any error codes that you are getting?




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Re: Voicemails Not Received

Note 5. 64G Latest update. 7.0 only 18G storage used.

Visual Voicemail is up to date.

Everything on the phone is up to date.

No voicemails on the server when I'd call in, no voicemails in the app on the phone.

Today, everything from the last six weeks came and no, I'm not behind on my bill.


But if they weren't on the server when I called in and not on the phone, where did they come from now? It can't be my phone, I don't use any of the Samsung apps at all. Has to be on Sprint's end.


Re: Voicemails Not Received

Howdy nightsmusic. Not getting VM is a huge pain. I checked and there are no known issues. So, updates have been done, excellent. Have you reset the network recently? If not try ##72786#. The handy dandy code resets the network setting and reconfigures the phone. It will not factory reset the phone, and you should not loose any pictures, text, messages, ect. Im sending you a PM to get some more info. Just want to make the account is set correctly.


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