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WARNING when backing up - Danger


WARNING when backing up - Danger

When auto or manually backing up a Samsung phone your SD card IS NOT backed up.  Any data on your SD must be transferred back to the phones internal memory (if you have the space) for it to be backed up.  Options two - remove it and manually back it up to another device.

This is a problem with the backup and restore function in your phone programming.  SPRINT blames Samsung (it's their program) - Samsung blames SPRINT it their device/service.

Your messed over either way.

Never ever trust your SPRINT store rep to take care of your SD cardRemove it and keep it in your possession.  Mine was destroyed by them.  Pain to even get them to replace the card - data, gone forever.

Had to take up problem with corporate level customer service to get the SD replaced.

SPRINT should (should've) let users know!!!

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