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What is the website that condenses movies to play on the Moment phone??


What is the website that condenses movies to play on the Moment phone??

I just bought the Samsung Moment.  When selling me the phone the sprint guy said there is a website that you can visit that condenses movies down to put on your card so you can play them on this phone.  He never wrote it down for me, but he showed me his phone that had a movie on it.  Can someone tell me what the website it???



Re: What is the website that condenses movies to play on the Moment phone??

Download Pazera Free PSP Converter 1.1. It is free and has no spyware/adware at

Then simply follow the instructions for converting a video. You can set bit rate, etc to whatever you like. I recommend 600 for the video bit rate. However, you will need to make sure to set the following settings correctly to get the right size and aspect ratio. The Resolution and Cropping settings will get rid of the black bars at top and bottom(for the most part) and size the video to use the entire Instinct screen.

Ouput Format: MP4(MPEG-4/AAC)
Resolution: Custom
Width: 432
Height: 324


These settings will work for most videos assuming that the black bars are the same size on top and bottom which they usually are. If need be, play with the settings for a particular video.


Posted by Will;

I haven't done video on the Moment yet but all the recent phones including the Hero have worked well with iPod Touch formatted videos: 480x320, H.264 video with AAC audio.


The top instructions are what worked on the Instinct, And have also worked on the Pre.(basicly the same screen format) You may have to tweak the settings for the moment but try those first, Do a small video first to test on.

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