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master reset on samsung m550


master reset on samsung m550

anyone know how to do a master reset or soft reset on the samsung exclaim?

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Re: master reset on samsung m550

Yes you need to do the following.

press ok to bring up menu

go to settings

go to more..

go to 12. Security

enter lock code (last 4 of phone number unless you changed it)

go to Erase/Reset

then go to *. Reset Phone and click ok.


Re: master reset on samsung m550

The Exclaim's reset function is strange.  I switched phones recently and tried to reset using the above method.  Some things reset but others stay.  For instance, One-Click retains most if not all the settings.  I was still able to see how many emails were unread.  I went to emails and saw all my old emails were still available for viewing.  My last myspace update still remained.  I went in and did the reset on one click but it did not seem to do anything I had to methodically go through and reset, delete, or logout of every little thing.

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