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"Offline Mode" - Samsung VGA1000 Model SPH-A620


"Offline Mode" - Samsung VGA1000 Model SPH-A620

I opened my phone today and found it had gone into "Offline Mode" by itself. All phone features are locked and it is continuously looking for a signal. Any idea how it went into this mode or, more importantly, how do I get out of "Offline Mode"? The user manual does not address this and I have found bupkiss on the website so far. I have allready powered down, removed the battery, replaced the battery and powered up, but to no avail. Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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Re: "Offline Mode" - Samsung VGA1000 Model SPH-A620

Offline Mode means that your device is messed/dead. Not dead as in it needs to be charged, however no longer useable. You will need to have this device replaced. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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