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ringers from

so i have the samsung instinct HD. i had the first version of the instinct and hated it but anyways, i was able to download free ringtones from and with the HD it says it downoads and i go to open it-wont open. then i go to change my ringer and it doesnt even pop up in the list for ringers i can use.

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Re: ringers from

I am having the same problem with ringtones from I then went to and was able to get one ringtone to work and none of the others have worked. I am starting to think I am going to have to pay with a membership fee through somewhere for ringtones.


Re: ringers from

Site I use is

It's 8$ a year

Unlimited ringers, wallpapers, and each account is good for up to 4 phone numbers ( friends/family )

Their uploader works.

If you make your own ringers, they provide the tools to convert to almost any format.

There's a lot to the site...

Maybe check it out...see what you think.

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