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samsung restore and sprint phones in general


samsung restore and sprint phones in general

how does samsung restore not able to have aim instant messanger when every phone now has it even old sprint phones do but now half of sprint doesnt have it on there phones

why wont they get with the program and stop fucking around with all these smart phone and android bullshit ,not to many people care to have that and still like there basic easy to use phones that dont cost all this money,i find this to be stupid and they need to step up ,every one enjoy instant messaging on there phones and still use it so come on now get with it step up 

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Re: samsung restore and sprint phones in general

I agree, this is bull crap. I had phones a decade ago that had AIM, MSN and Yahoo messaging. I bought to the Restore because I dont need a smart phone, i just need a phone for calls and texts...then i find out this "messaging" phone cant even use Instant Messaging. For shame...

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