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I have a Samsung j3 it started saying voicemail download failed why is it doing that .how do I get it to stop 


Re: voicemail

Hello scrivy, were you trying to download a voicemail application?

Please follow these steps to perform a soft reset on your device:


1.Remove the battery cover by lifting away from notch at the top-left edge of the handset.

2. To remove the battery, lift from the slot on the bottom of the battery compartment.

3. Wait 10 seconds before inserting the battery again.

     *To insert the battery, ensure the metal contacts on the battery and handset are aligned and then press the battery into place.

4. Reattach the battery cover, pressing around the edges to snap into place.

     *To turn the device on, press the Power key.

5. The device has been soft reset.

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