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4/4 - Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17


4/4 - Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17

Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17

- Security fix

Important Notes:
- Software version is FC17

- The Magic, Smoke, Many, Maps, Nexus, Spectrum, Water, and Waveform live wallpapers

  have been removed.  You may choose a different wallpaper from the gallery or use the

  default wallpaper  which will be in place after the update.

- Download and install time is approximately 5 minutes
- Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within 10 days
- Refer to the Samsung Conquer 4G Software Updates blog for install instructions

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Re: 4/4 - Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17

Since update FC17, my wallpaper is locked. it does not scroll across 5 pages any longer.

I have noticed a couple of other changes  also, but I can deal with those.

Has anyone else had this issue yet?


Re: 4/4 - Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17

Is Samsung responsible for these software updates, or are they instigated by Sprint?  Why is it acceptable to delete things from the phone?  Especially without any kind of forewarning? (A post on a bulletin board that will not likely be seen in advance isn't sufficient.)  Even Microsoft doesn't do this.  Who do I need to speak with to contend this policy?


Re: 4/4 - Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17

I have also had the same there any solution? I thought I was the only one, I thought my phone was in need of repair. What should I do any suggestions? Have you fixed yours yet? This needs to be fixed. I'm aware it has nothing to do with sprint but you are now a part of this unwanted update. I would like my old wallpaper swipe function (five screens) back. I pay my bill on time I never give this company a hard time. Everything has always been on piont with Sprint, and I only buy samsung. But to have underhanded updates like this one, especially one that breaks rather than helps me enjoy my phone is unacceptable. I thought I found atleast one company that I could trust that would inform me of such changes to give me the option rather than do as you please. This needs to be fixed.


Re: 4/4 - Samsung Conquer 4G Software Update - FC17

Those are my sentiments, exactly.  I've written about it here and there, but the general attitude seems to be that it's okay to alter electronic devices remotely, post purchase.  This is clearly a newish issue that hasn't gotten a lot of attention, and maybe won't because the generation who would take exception to this are largely disinterested in the technology, and the younger set are accustomed to it.  Nonetheless, I'm committed to maintaining my strong disagreement with the policy.

What I ended up having to do was find a Sprint Store that had a technician on hand.  I really had to be persistent before the first couple of places admitted they didn't have technical expertise, and finally told me which store had one on staff at which hours.  So I took my phone to the tech and he basically had to reformat my phone and restore it to an earlier version of the software.  I was hoping he would put me back on the immediately preceding version, but apparently that wasn't available to him.

At any rate, I'm generally content with my phone again.  I lost a few minor features that apparently hadn't been introduced in the version I now have, but actually some things work better than they did before (i.e. my voicemail actually detects messages).  The technician, to his credit, was extremely fair and helpful.  And to Sprint's credit, I wasn't charged for the restore since I am still under warranty.

Earlier this week my voicemail icon disappeared off of my phone's left screen (the desktop, one swipe left).  It just suddenly wasn't there.  I put it back, but now when I get a voicemail it doesn't have the little red circle with the message number, which it was doing after I reformatted.  Thankfully it still detects messages, just doesn't show me with the red icon.  I can only suspect this is a result of more backdoor tinkering by Sprint or Samsung or whoever is doing this.  Or maybe it resulted from some automatic update that patched my fully-functioning software, creating a glitch.  Whatever the case, it just goes to further illustrate the problem with companies being allowed to reach in at their leisure and make changes.

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