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Horrible phone


Horrible phone

I am going into just month 5 of having this Samsung Conquer. I have to say, it is one of the worst phones I've ever owned. I had a charging issue with after it wasn't even 3 months old. I exchanged it at a Sprint store. It is now a month later. I have the same EXACT issue and this phone is worse than the firat one.

It still doesn't want to charge at the charging point. If it charges at all, it lasts only a couple of hours. The apps in the phone just pop up at anytime, no matter which app I am in. I have network service appx 50% of the time (if I'm lucky). I think its ridiculous and it is crazy for the price of $100+ month for service.!


Re: Horrible phone

I agree, it is a horrid phone. We have been having issues with ours as well, including the charging issues. We got ours June last year and it has just been crap since about November. We tried to see if we could do an early upgrade and Sprint won't do anything. All they say is we can pay $100 to get the SAME phone again or pay FULL price for a new one. I refuse to pay AGAIN for the same phone that is completely horrible.

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