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My samsung conquer keeps switching off


My samsung conquer keeps switching off

When I am using the internet or using apps such as facebook or twitter my phone just shuts off. The battery will be around 70% and when I turn it back on the battery will be really low and then build back up. The only time I can use the internet without it shutting off is when it's on the charger. I don't have tpe so I'm thinking of buying a battery because I think that may be the problem. Anyone else have this problem, if so how was it fixed?


Re: My samsung conquer keeps switching off

too bad no one answered, i'm having the same problem...did you ever figure it out, cuz it's driving me crazy!!!


Re: My samsung conquer keeps switching off


If you are experiencing issues with the device shutting off and depleting the battery quickly, I would recommend taking your device to your nearest Service and Repair location.  This may be a hardware based issue that our technicians would be able to address.


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