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Samsung Conquer, bad phone gone worse


Samsung Conquer, bad phone gone worse

Sprint sent me this phone almost a year ago as replacement for my wonderful Nexus. For the first few weeks the Samsung Conquer worked great but soon after that it had problems holding a charge for more than an hour or so. I tried going through and stopping the apps, logging off my email, and keeping off of facebook but none of it worked. I tried making the display automatic brightness and that didn't work either. Finally I gave up and took it to Sprint who within twenty minutes told me there was nothing wrong with it at all. I tried to make it work for another week and even missed calls from work because my phone flat out would not keep a charge but it lasted for ten minutes at a time now. Eventually Sprint just ordered me a replacement, they seemed pretty sick to see me around and asking about what was wrong, and within a week I had a new phone but same model. "What the heck, maybe it was just bad luck." I thought to myself but boy was I wrong. The Conquer phone I have now is my third replacement and it is doing the same things that my other Conquers were doing. It will work fine for a bit and then the screen will randomly blink off and on like a rapid strobe light. The charging beep will ring on and then off, even if I do not have the phone plugged into anything. The battery, even when plugged in to charge, will go from half way dead (about 40%) to it screaming how it has no battery left and will be shutting itself off shortly. Well I have paid for the replacement phones and after this one started messing up just like it did before, I took it into Sprint and told them what is happening and has happened with the other phones. It had taken me two weeks of nagging them before for them to send my phone to the Sprint factory and the factory stating that the charging port was fried or messed up. This time however, I think I will just have to spend the $400 on a brand new phone that I can't really afford right now since I have just moved to a new apartment and have a brand new job. Seriously, anyone who is looking at this phone to buy, throw your money in a shark tank and get it over with or just buy a different phone. I don't get calls half of the time, any text messages are delayed by at least fourty minutes, my calls drop all the time, the battery doesn't work anymore unless you physically take the battery out and have Sprint themselves charge it on a battery charger, the 4G doesn't work nor do I have signal half the time anymore, and finally the staff at Sprint just look at me like I'm dang crazy or something. The guy litterally handed me the phone and the battery together and told me that the phone itself is fine and so is the battery, that it's MY fault the phone isn't charging now. To top it all off, the closest store (the one I've been going to) is in Selma, twenty minutes away from where I live and the closest one to that is in Cibolo. If anyone has any suggestions or even has any of these problems above with this phone please let me know because I'm tired of the "you're crazy" look and really sick of seeing some rep of Sprint on this forum saying, "Sorry sir or mam, you'll have to take it to the Sprint store to get any kind of answer."

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