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1/16 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FL24


1/16 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FL24

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FL24


- Adds Sprint Connections Optimizer

  See Sprint Connections Optimizer for more info

- Security updates  

Important Notes:

- Software version is: S:D710.10S.FL24

- Released in stages to devices over a 30 day time period.

- Refer to Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Updates for install instructions


Well I guess that ERROR SUBMITTING PLEASE TRY AGAIN message I was getting wasn't to be trusted. (Multiple posts-above) This is my case in point people, they (SPRINT) can't even get their own website to run right are you seriously going to trust them with the phone you pay so much for?


I have to tell you darling, but Sprint has NOT fixed this. I have the same issue. No battery life. Even when going into task manager diligently to stop all that bloatware you insist on cramming onto our phones from running, restarting and running, restarting an running. If my phone is not plugged in and I start at 100% charge and just let it sit there, MAYBE five hours. I use it w/o bluetooth, 4G, GPS and screen brightness all the way down for an (THAT'S ONE) hour playing a game my battery is under 10%. Funny I know people that keep their phones screens on (checking horse racing sites) for hours and hours and hours every day and night, and only plug in to charge every two or three days. And they're using 4G, screens are at least as big as my crap 4G Epic (as in epic failure) touch galaxy SII supplied by Sprint.


Is there a way to stop all of these sprint update ?  cause the FL24 killed the internet on my phone and I just got it reset to factory and update back to FI27, and now kept getting the message install the FL24.  Is there a way to kill it other kept pressing install later everytime I turn on the phone /



After the last update S:D710.10S.FL24. i have to turn off my wifi about 2 - 3 times a day. the phone seems to be turning on my wifi automaticly. i keep my wifi turned off. because the wifi in my area i all encrypted and at work there is no wifi at all. any ideas why my wifi is being turned on by itself. thank you for all replys


That's Connections Optimizer at work.  Will try to switch you to wi-fi when it thinks it can.

You can disable Connections Optimizer though.


I received the OTA update a few days ago and it went without a hitch! I have no problems with it. On the contrary, I believe that my phone has a slightly improved battery life. There are two phones on my account which went through several updates The only issue I had was a "SprintID" error on one phone that I did not factory restore after the ICS update. I think that was minor and has been corrected. I can't imagine why anyone has serious problems with any updates unless the rooted their phones or installed third-party roms and went back. If that is the case, you should mention that in your posts along with the problems you are having.


I finally got the OTA update today and when I did it I got an error message. Wtf?!


after my phone was updatd OTA. my phone randomly reboots and the time is an hour off at times. i'd rather have not have the update. at least my phone worked.


To disconnect "Connections Optimizer" which constantly connects you to WiFi, go to

Settings>More>Mobile Networks>Connections Optimizer -- then just uncheck the box.


I am having similar issues after the OTA - in fact, it seems I may have been one push behind as two weeks ago I was prompted to update, and the screen layout changed, I lost my widgets and all of the settings for things like screen brightness, etc. went back to defaults. Ever since then the phone re-boots at random times at least once a day, the battery consumption is inconsistent (after the push reset phone the power went from 60% to 24% in 4 minutes - that was a record and I have had cell phones for 18 years) and I notice every reset or power down results in me still losing the widgets (time display, active app monitor, etc.) and some of the time it resets many things back to defaults such as screen time and brightness.
I received the "Optimizer" push this week, and after reading the disclaimer of how it would "leave the Sprint network for possibly unsecure Wifi connections automatically" I unchecked that baby before proceeding - guess this was a way to "stretch" that "unlimited data" but I said no.

I called Sprint because I also noted *2 and the "self-help" was asking me to "update profile" and Coverage Update" but both were going in circles - I would accept them, the phone would show "reset in 30 seconds" and a red "emergency" button, then after coming back I would go to *2 and the same two messages would appear. After my second attempt to have someone who could actually do something besides say "call Samsung" I was told by Sprint that there is a known issue with the S2 push from Samsung and they were working to get it patched, and in the interim the two "update profile' and update coverage" would not work properly.

Any idea on how to get the phone to a place where the widgets do not disappear and the settings stabilize? I tried the one idea on one of the forums to go in download mode and clear the cache divide, and this seemed to help the power percent but nothing else. (Unplugged phone at 64% when turned off and battery removed, then after reboot it showed 74% power. I did invest in an extra battery and have been powering both so I could swap during the day if recharging was unavailable since power consumption is on downslope since the OTA took place.



I did this update on Sunday and I had 80% battery and by Tuesday night it was down to 46%.  I think I used it for one phone call and one text.  I was going to charge it last night but in the past that would get me through at least another day with light use.  I usually only charge my phone 2 times per week because I'm not a heavy user.

This morning when I went to "wake it up", it was totally discharged!  So how does it go from 46% to dead when it is supposedly hibernating?

I have not had ANY battery problems through all the updates.  Needless to say I turned off that stupid Connection Optimizer.  I'm guessing that was the culprit.  I don't use my phone much when I am at home and don't need it connected to my wi-fi which I think uses more battery anyway.

Thanks anyway Sprint, but I like to have control.


Phone went from working fine yesterday to my finding it completely unresponsive twice in the last 2 hours. In both instances the only solution was to to remove the case and then remove the battery.

Please provide the option to back this POS update out...oh wait, Sprint cant test their stuff, much less back it out. Only took them 2 months and a replacement device to get me a working phone after their botched ICS update. Will be very glad when my contract runs out and I get back to Verizon. I'd much rather have data limits and a phone I can depend on than unlimited data and have to wonder if it will shut down when I am oncall for work.

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