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1/16 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FL24


1/16 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FL24

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FL24


- Adds Sprint Connections Optimizer

  See Sprint Connections Optimizer for more info

- Security updates  

Important Notes:

- Software version is: S:D710.10S.FL24

- Released in stages to devices over a 30 day time period.

- Refer to Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Updates for install instructions


fyi to anyone who is happy with the fl24 update; Don't get too excited cuz it doesnt last.........I was having issues with battery drain and my phone restarting itself mulitple times thru out the day; eventually I couldnt get my phone to stay on for longer then a few minutes; there were no updates available (according to my phone...) so i ended up doing a hard reset; within 20 minutes after reboot I got a notification that an update was available; i installed and my phone started working like normal again.....that was on February 1st......27 days later and my phone is now having the same issues; battery drain and restarting constantly.  It happened a couple times yesterday and today its happened at least 2 dozen times; the only difference this time is its not turning my phone back on everytime, sometimes its restarting other times its just shutting down; I go to check my phone and realize its off......... i can't even get it to stay on long enough to try and figure out the issue.  I was careful to not install a bunch of app's this time around so i know its not an app issue......I didn't want to root my phone but looks like i'm gonna have to if I dont want to spend money on a phone since i'm not even a year into my contract.......its crazy the shit you can do on a phone these days but i'd be happy if it would just work for an entire year before issues started to arise......now that would be CRAZY........!


This is a reply in general to the thread. My experience with these updates has been a mixed bag. I seem to be one of last groups to recieve the OTAs which as I found out is a plus vs a minus. I recieved the fl24 OTA this past Sunday morning and almost hit update, but hit the remind later until I checked out what I was updating for and saw not only all the problems, but also that the update had nothing for me other than the security patch which to date hasn't had any significant exploit problems. I continued to clear, back button , or remind later the update, which can be persistent, until after about 5 days it ceased. I've seen other posts in other threads suggesting to steer clear of this update and await the next which supposively will be Jelly Bean. So far from what I heard the JB has cleared up a lot of issues; battery, etc. I guess the main point is if you are satisfied with the version you have do not be so quick to jump to the newest, latest version until you've had time to research it, Sprint and/or Samsung tweak it, etc. You may save yourself a lot of headaches


I usually don't log on to the community unless I m having major issues, but guess what.. I m back again. The last time my phone ran like this was when the original ICS update got released. I recalled I had to do a complete restore on my phone for it to clear out all the crashing issues etc. I did this update over a month ago and I kind of ignored the following issues:

Crashing during texting (happens almost everytime, then again every 30 mins when texting)

Facebook app crashing (almost every other time when used)

Battery drain - I kind of figured this was caused by the connection optimizer, but after disabling my battery still drains pretty hard.

So far I have wiped the cache and see if this fixes anything. If it doesn't then I m going to have to do a factory reset and reinstall all my apps again *sigh*

PS. I m already running an extended life battery on the system just so the phone is somewhat usable off the charger after the ICS update. I didn't have this many issues until the FL24 update. Jellybean can't come soon enough, or July 1st when I can get myself the Note 2 or S4 (if its out by then).


I have never commented in the community before, but this latest update has me so angry I want to throw the phone at whichever genius(es) at Sprint pushed out such a buggy POS. Sprint ID (which is useless anyway) freezes and crashes, the Connections Optimizer (which I've since disabled) kept turning on 4G even though there are only two small areas in the entire freakin' state which have 4G, and now the phone keeps:

  • randomly shutting itself off
  • swearing there's only 2% battery power then correcting to a much higher percentage after I've pulled the battery out and put it back in
  • locking up constantly
  • etc., etc., etc.

I LOVE my Samsung phone, but I'm about ready to head out of town for spring break, and I have a useless brick I'll have to either a) factory reset, or b) root (most likely) in order to have something I can safely take away from a wall or car charger without it shutting itself off. As it stands right now, it's a small and pretty house phone/1980s-style car phone.


I'm not a people person so calling customer support or going to a sprint store wasnt something i wanted to do but i was so fed up with the issues i was having (see my last post from 2/28) I finally bit the bullet and went to a sprint store; an actual sprint store not an authorized dealer; and i am so happy i did.  After talking to a very honest salesman my phone is actually working normal again and i only had to spend 10 bucks.  I told him how after i did a hard reset on my phone that my phone was working fine.....for a while......but that it was starting to do all the same things it was doing before the reset........It turns out they aren't just blowing smoke when they tell you to make sure you are using a charger that is truely compatible with your phone; when they say compatible they dont mean the plug is the right size; they mean the output.....who knew.....he took my battery out, put it on the table and did the "spin test" did you know that your battery shouldnt spin like a top??  He asked if my phone gets super hot when i charge it with anything other than the charger that came with the phone and I said 'YES as a matter of fact it gets super hot on the charger i use at work' which is a spare charger for a co-workers nokia or something....my battery was bulging!!!! He suggested trying a new battery to see if that fixed the problem.  I went online and found a battery for $10 (Rakutan.com 1 yr warranty 45 day return policy) and holy crap my phone worked normal & lasted all day yesterday without having to charge it; that was the first time in a LONG time that i didn't need to charge it by 10 AM, YAY!!!  So try the spin test.

If your test is negative...he also told me this.....there are 2 different ways of doing a hard reset, now bare with me I don't remember the exact steps he told me to take cuz I didn't need to do it but this little nugget of information is what stuck with me; He said if there are any bugs in the firmware (or the software don't recall which one) when you do a reset the simple way, I.E..going into settings and hitting the reset button, its going to copy those bugs to the new version causing all the same issues.  There is a way to hook it up to a computer or something.....I don't recall, yes i'm useless but I recommend going to a store and talking to someone who knows what they are talking about; i'll even give out the number for the guy who helped me if anyone wants it cuz we all know how hard it can be to find someone honest and who actually knows their stuff......Hope this helps.


Just to follow up on my last post:

I went ahead and did the factory reset after backing up as much information as possible. I used a third party app to back up my texts, and APP Brain to back up the list of free apps I had installed. Contacts of course are automatically backed up by Google.

After resetting, my phone ran fine. Everything worked perfectly and infact a little faster then before. Then when I restored all my texts, thats when my phone slowed down a bit. As I was texting that pesky MAPServiceSamsung error started to pop up again.  So Sprint if you are still attempting to fix this error on one of your releases, you might want to looking into the text history storage parts of this release. Its definitely buggy.

My phone battery does considerably better, and also seems like my phone charges faster. Another thing I noticed is that my phone charges the fastest on the OEM charger that came with my phone. I bought an off market brand, and it definitely doesn't perform as well. I found an OEM one on Amazon which I will order since this phone with an extended battery still isn't reliable enough to take me when I m out for more then 6 hours without charging.  Still counting down till the days till July when I can upgrade and go to a Note 2 or possibbly the S4.


My SII refuses to update to FL24.  I had tried to force the update a few weeks ago since my area (Las Vegas) hadn't received it yet. I downloaded it to my external card, but every time I tried to update it, it got about halfway through and the droid toppled over with the red triangle over his chest.  I wiped the Google Services Framework app, but when it downloads the update, and then I do the restart and updated, it goes into the droid starting the update, then goes into a DOS looking screen, the Android system recovery <3e>.  In the lower portion of the screen, it says E:Error in /cache and then the FL24 update file (a zip file), (Status 7) and installation aborted.  I dug through the file hierarchy to wipe out the cache but had the same results.  When the actual update hit my area last week, it too went into the DOS looking menu and had the same dead Droid result.  I am on a stock phone, not rooted.

I've tried every option outside of wiping out the phone and starting from scratch, which I just don't want to do.  Any help would be appreciated!


regarding the update FL24;

i just wanted to relay my experience because it may help someone else out there. i received the update in october '12 that made my phone buggy.  the menu issue and fast battery drain was driving me crazy.  i pretty much stopped using my personal cell (galaxy sii) and relied on my work phone.  in january i got the ota update that was FL24.  after installing, i still had issues with battery drain and the menu going haywire from time to time.  recently (early march) when researching threads online, i was at the point to where i thought i would just need to revert to stock software, or get a new phone.  in restarting into the boot loader, i decided at the last minute to chicken out and not go through with restoring to factory fresh state.  upon restart i received a message to the effect of 'update successfully loaded' and i clicked OK.  i thought it was funny that i received this prompt/message after choosing the restart option from the bootloader (instead of restoring to factory state), even though i had installed the ota update way back in january.

since the restart, and successful load message, the last two weeks my phone has been rock solid. no menu issues and the battery is lasting me a solid 2 days with moderate usage (games/text/calls).  i'm wondering if FL24 did more than just add the connection optimizer feature, and did in fact address those issues created with the october ota update.  i'm curious to know if anyone else has stumbled accross this.


Following up since my last reset, well it looked like i had to reset my phone again. This time I chose not to use a third party app to restore my original text messages. I ended up losing all my of texts but the crashes did not come back. I do not get the "MAP Service Samsung" error message anymore. Phone runs a lot smoother, keeps the battery at a decent rate for the S2 on an extended battery.

Although I do have to admit that the S2 is definitely on the way out from a techonlogy standpoint.  My friend had her S3 that has been off the charger for over 22 hours up against my S2 with an extended battery that has been off the charger for over 5 hours and we were both sitting at 45% battery. Granted I was using Wifi the entire time and hers was just defaulted to the 3G. I really think its time to move on from this phone when my upgrade date comes in July to the S4.


So... factory reset fixed most of my random dying issues, Sprint ID failures (useless bit of software anyway), flickering screen, etc., but I went ahead and purchased a new battery anyway. Battery life is back to being 14-22 hours (depending on use).


I am having no issues at all with this update except GPS.  Is anyone else seeing an issue with the GPS? This is my 3rd GS2 because the techs are unable to find an issue however the GPS just fails to lock. I have been on trips where my GPS connectivity fails to lock for 20+ miles/30+  minutes.

I loaded the GPS tools and have noticed when I do manage to get a GPS lock I can grab many sattelites but not a single sattelite has a signal strength of more than 20%

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