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10/10 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FI27


10/10 - Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FI27

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Update - S:D710.10S.FI27


- Ability to edit internal out of office message on Email 

- VPN access over 3G fix

- MMS send/receive over 3G fix 

Important Notes:

- Software version is: S:D710.10S.FI27

- Released in stages to devices over a 14-21 day time period.

- Refer to Samsung Epic 4G Touch Software Updates for install instructions

Message was edited by: dshoem01- added time period for update

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Not to mention the latest fiasco with visual voicemail being PUSHED onto both of my devices.. THAT was BS.


: D710:10S.FI2710/10/2012

- Ability to edit internal out of office message on Email 

- VPN access over 3G fix

- MMS send/receive over 3G fix


Update it to add a "do not allow OTA updates" option please.


I am completely unhappy with this new update & the last one. I see that I am not the only one. I have tried everything and still nothing solves the issue. Have been with Sprint since '99 and I am seriously thinking about leaving them when my contract is up next year. Im going to see if the JB update goes well and if not I well be rooting my phone until my contract ends. Come on Sprint Get It Together!!!


How long did it take. I checked for updates this morning and it has said session in progress for the last 3 1/2 hours. My 3G connection is pretty bad here. I have wireless on and a good wireless signal.


update took maybe 5-10 minutes. Not that im unhappy with the update itself, im unhappy with not being given an option to update or not update a device that I paid for. I do not believe that it is stated anywhere in my contract that auto updates is a must. Nor was there a disclaimer stating such in my E4GT phones owners manual. IMHO by taking these forcefull actions sprint and samsung are breeching consumer confidence and possibly breaking laws.  At least microsoft gives you an option to update or not update your software. My motto in life has always been "if it aint broke,dont fix it"

Sprint Product Ambassador

The Samsung Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch) update started Wed 10/10 and ourcustomers will receive the software update to FI27 sometime between Wednesday 10/10/12 and Saturday 11/10/12. Customers will not be able to initiate a download on your own and will need to wait till the phone receives the Software Update from Samsung.  

Performing a manual check through settings before your phone has received the update notification will receive a message similar to the one below.


Thanks for your patience and keep providing us your feedback.

Disclaimer: I am NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped or answered your question, PLEASE mark it as solved.

I have a MAOR issue with FI27 and that it is NOT compatible at all with my SD CARD. So everyone take warning that you may see these issues as well. After updating when I launch the camera or gallery apps I get Media Scanner running mini dialog and then the apps just close immediately. You can not use the apps at all so this is a HUGE limitation. Also when I go to the storage options in the phone it just says calculating on all options it does not show the true storage utilization amount. No other build of ICS has had this error if I role back to an older version of ICS I do not have this issue. If I role back to EL 29 I do not have this issue.

So like may others I am desperately waiting for the JB release.


I just got the update this morning over OTA, it used up 30% of my battery doing it.  I was at 49% ... after 10 minutes, I only have 19% battery left.


This post will probably get deleted by sprint so grab it while you can.  Here is the link to the official google OTA zip file that was posted on xda:

Just follow these instructions and you don't have to wait for Sprint to fiddle-@#$% around for another month to push this out to everyone.

*** Your Phone does NOT have to be rooted to do this ***

1. Download Official OTA zip.

2. Save to External SD Card.

3. Rename to

4. Go to Recovery, power off, press and hold power+vol up, when Boot screen appears release buttons.

5. Select install update from SD Card. Confirm with Home (GB), Power(ICS)

Enjoy - until sprint takes down this post.  They're going to be really upset that their customers are actually getting what they want/need for their phones in a timely fashion.  We can't have that! 


Yeah I know thanks. Please refer to site instead. Thanks.

Edit: What I meant people is insted of posting not all instructions, he should instead refer you all to XDA Thread where he copy pasted my Thread info.

1. That is the official Google link that all Epic 4G Touch will use to download the file to /system/cache inside your phone.

2. It the same file your phone will donwload when that link its pushed to your E4GT from Google Servers.

3. If you receive notification and you check your log files your phone make for everything it does. you will see the link in there.

4. Sprint has nothing to do with pushing the OTA they only Recive the build from Samsung then add their stuff and then pack it in a signed zip file and submit it to Google for the push.

This is the original thread info for links go to XDA Forums:

"[OTA][OFFICIAL][ZIP][EK02/FI27]Official Repository

Only for SPH-D710 SPR.
Only for Full Stock Devices.
Flash over correspondent build.

Well my friends the tittle is self explanatory. Enjoy!


1.Download Official OTA zip.

2.Save to External SD Card.

3.Rename to (Optional)

4.Go to Recovery, power off, press and hold power+vol up, when Boot screen appears release buttons.

5. Select install update from SD Card. Confirm with Home (GB), Power(ICS)

Official Links:

(Flash over Full Stock EG30 only)



(Flash over Full Stock EK02 only)



(Flash over Full Stock EL29 only)



(Flash over Full Stock FF18 only)



(Flash over Full Stock FH13 only)



rwilco12 Mirror Site:[Rwilco12's Android Repository]

Note: all the links are directly from Google servers pulled from my E4GT from logcat. :beer:undefined"


I'm not sure I trust this file. Why is everything in it dated 6/22/11?

Also, I've not done an OTA, I've either used Kies or the Sprint Corporate Store/Repair Center did them. Does the OTA download a file to the External SD.

Can that be posted somewhere?

This really is absurd how Sprint does this. Someone higher up needs to hear from customers  that they are losing us as customers.

I personally am "bolting" as soon as Verizon comes out with a Windows 8 Phone. I've had it with Google and Sprint.

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