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$130. monthly nightmare. Unhappy customer.


$130. monthly nightmare. Unhappy customer.

I was so excited about this phone. But that quickly ended. I've had my phone a week now. A horrid nightmare.For over $130. a month here's what I get!

1) 0-1 bar at most I have never had more than 2 at the most bars.

2) No wifi! No 3G! 4G! (yet I'm told that I am in a excellent area should have 4-5 bars) The only place I found with bars is the mall, I don't plan to move into the mall.

3) apparently my phone roams all the time, even when I am home. (even when I'm not using it)

4) Messages don't go through. (They don't go out)

5) I can't surf the net at all.

6) Excuses. They never have an answer. They don't offer me a switch to a different phone for free. Since this kind doesn't do what I want.

7) I've had Cricket (they had better service, and truelly unlimited), Verizon (my first droid phone! It was wonderful, no problems at all. I didn't need to call and complain, as there was nothing to complain about.

😎 Internet should not list this phone as so great! It isn't. Or the service isn't. 


Re: $130. monthly nightmare. Unhappy customer.

Send it back to Samsung.  We've had to do that for a couple.  They work much better when they come back.  Takes about a week.  We bought used HTC phones to use in the interim.  I stayed with my temp HTC EVO Design 4G world phone.  It's smaller and somewhat thicker but now that I've tried Sense I prefer it to TouchWiz and stock.  The HTC devices have working GPS, even indoors, stranger signal but weaker batteries. 



Re: $130. monthly nightmare. Unhappy customer.

It´s most likely not the phone

I had a Galaxy S2 on T-Mobile and AT&T. I had great coverage and all was good. Until I changed to sprint.

bad, bad mistake..

Why do they not inform customers that they do not even provide real numbers but are using google voice?????


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