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I'm trying not to call sprint and be put on hold 4ever. So i want to ask again via this forum, w/out to much DRAMA if anyone knows if a legitemate update for the Galaxy II has rolled out.  From the ginger to the ice cream sofware version.I still have not been notifiied of any from Sprint.

Tahnk you


A new software version has been rolled out on 07/12/2012 with a software version FF18(ICS).Inorder to update new update.Go menuPress Menu, then tap Settings.  Scroll up and tap About Phone.  Tap System Updates.  Tap one of the options depending on update.Update Firmware and Update Android. Let me know.




Hey Abe, thanks for your reply. My main concern is that after reading so much negative and whinning comments about an update in the last month or so,I don't know what to believe. If  this is a legitimely update sent from sprint it should be ok. and not drainur battery or damage any other feature to the phone, don't you think?

Thank you


Manisa: Many people are having issues with the update because many of them don't know how to properly installed it , in other words they installed it on top of the old OS and that is why they are having so many issues. You will have no problem with ICS if you do the procedures the right way. I updated mine and it just works perfect, no battery drain issues, no lags , and everything works well. The way I did was FIRST: Back everything up and make sure your phones baterry is in the 90's, and do a factory reset and click format usb storage and SD card. Second: After the phone had boot up completly , go to setting, about phone, tap system update, and the update should come up , I did it over WI-Fi which is faster and that will prevent any file lost or misdonwloaded file over 3G . Then , after the update is downloaded and verified , installed it and let the phone restart back on. When it is installed and the phone boots up it will give you a message saying " Android succesfully updated" . After that do another factory reset, that will give your phone a fresh ICS start. After thats done, use your phone until battery dies, then charge it up completly over night and by the time you wake up it will be in 100% , just unplug it and turn on your phone and you are good to go!. Hope that helps.


thanks, i will try to follow that.


My phone is not rooted (have no clue how to do that) and I was sent the legit upgrade directly from sprint and had issues but I had problems like many others who received the legit upgrade, they have another one rolling out to assist with the battery drain - I have not received that one but  I finally broke down and did a reset (tried taking battery out first without success) you will want to back up your data because it will erase it.



factory reset

Once I did that and it rebooted I received an "upgrade completed" and a message about roaming and if I wanted that type of error message which I answered NO, no more data roaming errors, my battery life has improved (not as good as it was before the upgrade but much better than the original upgrade) and even though the signal is not as good as it was before I can make calls without dropping from home again!

Also I changed a wifi setting to assist with battery life:



menu (bottom left)


change "keep WiFi on during sleep" to "only when plugged in"

Many of the apps I had I have decided not to reinstall because so many of them (if you take the time to read the terms) say they can take pictures/video at anytime without your knowledge, email and/or call people in your contacts without your knowledge! No thank you! My smart phone is now just for calls and emails.


S.D710.10S.FF18, Android 4.0.4

Samsung Galaxy S2 epic 4g touch

I can no longer click navigation and type destination I have to go to maps then select navigation from the drop down menu and then you can type or speak designation so there are extra steps. 

My touch screen is very sensitive so some may want to go to language and input and change the pointer speed mine is set in the middle


MANISA - If you have Kies installed and plug in using a USB cable, Samsung will update your phone. I do suggest following the CubanKing12 (before updating) of doing a factory reset, making sure you have a full or nearly full battery - I would also "wipe cache" by holding power button/volume up until phone restarts and the little android guy - use volume down to go to wipe cache/partition, then use power button which will clear cache (see message on the bottom of your phone screen). It will default back to boot the phone and press the power button.

You also need to restart the settings of the battery so let it go all the way down and then charge - there are specific processes that some have done mentioned in other threads as well.

I can't guarantee this new one is much better. I have noticed that I lost the "number" of new messages on the messaging icon with this update and I suddenly went from 49% to 7%. But, I am going to give it another day as I just installed the update last night. I believe the loss of data connection (3G) has been fixed as I have not encountered that issue with the update (although I did initially with WiFi - haven't today yet). There also seems to be a lag in the touch screen (most specifically in trying to bring up Task Manager - I often have to touch the Home icon several times to get Task Manager up).

There also appears to be an update to Voicemail - there is an annoying feature. In the Voicemail screen/bottom left, there is a "P" for premium subscription. Never goes away and if you accidentally touch it, there is a message "subscribe to premium...." or you can cancel. Annoying and it should not be there. Hope they get rid of that

Please make sure you back up voicemails, etc - I forgot to do the voicemails and now I have lost those (darn)

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