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Activating additional line caused LOS issues on existing phone?


Activating additional line caused LOS issues on existing phone?

  I spent three hours on the phone with Sprint last night trying to get two SGSIIE4GT's up and running.

Backstory: Both my wife and I got the SGSII's at the beginning of  November. No problems. Flash forward to Christmas, and my father in law  decides that he wants a new phone. I say that we can add him to my plan  and we order another SGSII for him. (All phones were ordered from Amazon  - I called them, and they are sending out a new phone to replace my  father in law's phone, though that doesn't help me with my phone.)

The new phone arrived yesterday and I tried to activate it. After walking  away for a bit then returning, I find that the phone has no data  connection, nor can it make calls. I figure this is a minor issue, so I  go to call Sprint - except my phone is no longer working as well. No  data, can't make or receive calls. My wife's phone is ok, so I call  Sprint from it.

I explain my situation to the rep and, to make a long story a little  shorter, we check the phone numbers, do soft resets, and eventually,  wind up doing hard resets of the phones. Nothing fixes the issues -  neither phone can make or receive calls or texts, and both have a very  spotty 3G connection (at best.)

I'm thinking that something was incorrectly provisioned on the new phone  that is causing some sort of "overlap" with my phone and is causing  both not to work (like when you place two PCs with the same IP address  on a network.) Sprint assured me this cannot happen unless the phones  are sharing a DEC number, but I can't imagine I got a new phone DOA with  the dreaded LOS issue and my phone just happened to also get the LOS  issue at that exact time. It's too much of a coincidence.

Any insight on this one? Is there any way the the new phone can be misprogrammed and cause issues with another line on the same service?


Activating additional line caused LOS issues on existing phone?

There are so many extenuating service factors that could affect this. I will private message you and call you if you have time this morning.

Please respond to private message.



Activating additional line caused LOS issues on existing phone?

Thanks, Larry - I'll be on the lookout for your PM. My phone doesn't work though (see above) so good luck with that...

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