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Battery drainage after airplane flight


Battery drainage after airplane flight

This is really strange, but I was on an airplane and I turned my Samsung Epic Touch 4g phone completely off before the flight. When I arrived to my destination and was still on the plane, I turned the phone on and my battery was completely drained. I thought that maybe I had left it on by accident, so when I returned home, I made sure the phone was off and I had a full charged battery, but when I landed, the battery was completely drained again. I used to have the HTC EVO and numerous non smart phones before that and I have never encountered this problem. Can anybody help with that? Thanks.


Battery drainage after airplane flight

aside from the possible battery defect i have never heard of a phone doing this. especially while turned off. which makes me think battery issue and not phone issue

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Battery drainage after airplane flight

This phone has weird battery quirks.  A handful of times, my battery will go from totally normal ~80% to 8% out of no where.  It is usually accompanied by a warm phone, then whammo.  See it happened yesterday...notice the real sharp spike down.  Ridiculous.  Hopefully EL26 (or whatever the next one is) will fix fixes a bevy of other issues.  Also, see my awesome Sprint signals here in Madison, WI.



Battery drainage after airplane flight

I do notice my phone getting warm at times. I haven't checked the battery drainage when that happens, but I will check this next time it gets warm. Thanks

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