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Camera shortcuts not saving

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Camera shortcuts not saving

Hello. Loving the camera on my GSII but what should be a convenient feature is becoming an annoying bug!

Clicking "Settings" then "Edit shortcuts" allows me to add four custom shortcuts to the sidebar on the camera interface.

Problem is that they won't stay for very long! I close the app. Check it again, still there. But at some point during the day I decide to take another shot and notice the shortcuts are back to defualt! Why! I want this feature to work ;(


Re: Camera shortcuts not saving

To answer my own question the problem seemed to be the app QuickPic by

It's a great app and i find it faster and more intuitive to use than the built in fancy gallery but alas, shortcuts are more important(always switching to that amazing Panorama setting) so I uninstalled and haven't had any problems since!

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