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Car dock and OEM battery ~$18 each!


Car dock and OEM battery ~$18 each!

The Epic 4G Touch fits in the AT&T Samsung Infuse car dock. It also is on sale at AT&T stores for $17! Pick one up! I did and it works great. Here's the overpriced link.

Also you can get an OEM battery for $18 from Make sure you get the 1800mAH version. It's legit Samsung, identical to the one in the phone now. Samsung wants $40 for it.

Jump on these deals! Then download Custom Car Home from the Market. These phones don't have a built in Car Home app like most phones. The combo of this and using Vlingo Voice Command rocks.

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Oh, bro...thank you so much for this info

I bought 2 batteries and 2 car mount.

That samsung car mount is the best. For listening to music, you don't insert 3.5 mm jack to the top but to the actual mount as well as micro usb charge. As soon as it is plugged in, it charges and listen to music thru my car audio. Thanks again...

Hey, how about some awesome cases.??  I need one. Thanks again

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