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Downloading DRM-Protected Content


Downloading DRM-Protected Content

Has anyone used the Verizon FIOS Media Manager App on the Galaxy S2? I have purchased and rented videos that will not download to phone.  The error says "Cannot download title. This device does not support download of DRM-protected files.".  Any inisght is appreciated.  Was not sure if there is a setting on the phone or????

Thank You


Re: Downloading DRM-Protected Content

Files which are copyright protected (DRM) won’t let you to play on your phone. You have to convert DRM to Non-DRM files, download and then try to play it on your phone. Sprint doesn’t authorize or support on above troubleshooting steps (file conversion).



Re: Downloading DRM-Protected Content

Thank You.  It would be nice if Sprint would allow th downloads for legitimate content.  Needing to download to a PC, convert and then play on the phone negates the "mobile" aspect of mobile content!!!!  thanks again abe2020.

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