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E4GT/Galaxy S2 with plethora of issues

Patron d0c

E4GT/Galaxy S2 with plethora of issues

the wife and I each have the Epic 4G touch. sprint is terrible in my neighborhood, so they gave us an airave over a year ago.  it works intermittently.

here's the latest. any help is appreciated.

both phones have periods where they do not make or receive calls.  text and data won't work either.  this happens in the same building as the airave. i actually got a notice from sprint saying that i was going to be charged for the airave because it was no longer being used and i hadn't returned it.  when i called sprint i verified that all lights were on.  did the *99 thing.  it was connected.  i explained to the person that the phones have been having issues and maybe something was wrong with the airave....{sound of crickets chirping}.  they told me that everything was fine and that i could disregard the notice. she had me update the prl, profile and Samsung crap.  told her that i already tried that and the profile usually just freezes the phone.  she sent something to my phone and then had me restart and do it again.  did the same on wife's phone.

since then the wifi has been not working consistently on either of our phones.  it is constantly obtaining ip address. it's not an issue with the do i know?  my secretary has the same phone on att.  hers connects to wifi, as do all my other non-sprint devices.  now it won't connect at all to wifi.  4g =  non-existent in this area, so now i have a 3g sh1t brick that connects @ .12Mbps down/ .14up ...that was my best.

other issues that are happening include:

  1. battery randomly discharges - have tried multiple batteries in both phones. both are having the same problem. this will happen after charging the phone to 100% too.
  2. phone is HOT to touch @ times. happens when not charging or using too.
  3. phone randomly shuts down with strong battery.  this is entirely random and will happen while using it, pulling it out of my pocket and opening the phone app or simply while it's sitting on the table.  happens on the charge and off.
  4. phone freezes on unlock screen and sometimes while using various apps.  popping battery is the only way to restart it.
  5. voicemails arrive days late.
  6. phone time zone has not worked properly since daylight savings (10-march-ish??). the phone can sometimes get the time from the network, but like i said, there is really no network to speak of if i'm not on wifi. CS had me reset to factory default.  as always, i felt like they were just grasping @ straws so i only did this on one of the phones (my wifes hehe).  did not solve the problem. problem with correcting this and doing manual time is that other apps (facebook/texts) all show the wrong time when updates or new info is received by the phone.
  7. wife's phone connects to the cell networks in domincan and Canada when data roaming is turned off.  1st time sprint made me bring it to a retail store and they verified it.  now, rather than explain why, we just get the roaming charges waived when we go away.  it's a pain in the butt, but it's the principal of it. and yes, i have argued with CS reps who say that this is impossible. {sad trombone}  escalate rather than argue with the customer, dawg.  this has not been an issue on my phone however.
  8. here's the best one....calls that fail sometimes give me a Verizon wireless network message while i'm standing next to the airave and when i'm out of this neighborhood.  sprint employee today was finally processing a new airave for me after and hour and 15 on the phone and then told me "i just realized there's a network issue in your area".  CMON dude check that 1st!!! not surprising considering that this is the same dude who wanted me to change the cat5e cord connecting the router to the airave.  honestly...are you kidding me???

so while i'm done with sprint when Verizon gets the galaxy s4, i'm still interested in what's going on with sprint.  I've gotten sucked back in several times with discounts and plans, but now (thankfully)money isn't an issue.  would love for someone to just say, "we suck and we really don't give a crap about your problem."  won't happen, but maybe a user can offer some advice...any advice.  i'm reluctant to GB27 this thing, because it seems like the phone can barely handle FL24. well, that and the gps problems.

i'm frustrated @ what seems like the perfect storm going on with TWO of these phones.  with one phone i would just think it was a lemon.  with 2 phones....this is suspect.

thanks in advance with any help.


Patron d0c

Re: E4GT with plethora of issues

one more thing....

as my brain continues to work on this, I figured I would try to connect to an open wifi network with my S2.  connected fine.  when I switch it back to wpa or wep, both phones get stuck in "obtaining ip address".  the network eventually shows as "saved", but both sprint phones will still not connect.

now, the att galaxy s2 connects fine to both the open and secured networks with no issues. confirmed it with speedtest on the att showing 54Mbps down/26up.

something is wrong with the sprint version of this phone or the sprint software in regards to the wifi.  the other problems may be phone related issues, as many have complained of similar problems to those listed above with other carriers as well.

someone please help me with the wifi issue.  i can live with the other issues because, although they are really annoying, they don't render the phone useless (i don't use mine much for calls - but the wife does).

thanks again!



Re: E4GT/Galaxy S2 with plethora of issues

Hi d0c

Thanks for taking the time to post. Based on what you wrote, it does seem like the issues may be related to the devices. Since being sent the new Airave, have you been able to connect and utilize it? Given the issues regarding the battery charging and freezing during different activities, it may be an issue with the device. When you went into the store did they discuss the cause of these issues? Please let me know so that we can help you going forward.



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