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Epic 4G Touch ICS Source Released! So where's the ICS announcement?


Epic 4G Touch ICS Source Released! So where's the ICS announcement?

FF18 source appeared on Samsung's site this morning  That's usually within days of OTA notice and it confirms that FF18 will be the OTA.

At least we can say this - we got 4.0.4 where the others got 4.0.3.

So now it begs the question: Where's the official announcement from Sprint?  Or must you wait until the head office OKs the blog post tomorrow?

Can't see why they would hold off when the screenshot from AC yesterday now seems good and Samsung now backs that up with source.

For those of you who don't want to wait you can get it on XDA's site.  (Disclaimer: FF18 is still unofficial though until officially announced by Sprint)

Those of you who don't want it rooted can get it as such as well from there.


To all struggling with or interested in the ICS update to the Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S2:

Please consider reviewing the link below and adding your thoughts on the larger mobile computing/Android industry implications raised by the flawed ICS update.

Thank you.

Re: Failed and COSTLY Ice Cream Sandwich update and Swype fix (Epic 4G Touch Samsung Galaxy S2)

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