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Epic 4G Touch - Simultaneous Wifi and 4G


Epic 4G Touch - Simultaneous Wifi and 4G

I got the Epic 4G Touch this weekend, and everything about it is quite neat. I have one question, though:

I'd like to be able to connect to my Wifi at work, as I only get 3G when I'm not around home. I tried to tick both the Wifi and 4G, and I expected 4G to handoff connectivity to the Wifi network. However, my phone only lets me have one of the two connections on at a given time, and I have to manually turn the other one on when I want it.

Is there a way for the phone to automatically recognize preferred Wifi networks and hand off to them when they are available, and go back to 4G when they are not?

Thanks in advance.


There is not a functionality to hand off between wifi and 4g  that is a manual change over. 


is it really that hard? That is why there is a pull down menu to deselect 4g and enable wifi, it might take a second of your life, lol.


This is not an outlandish request, and yes you can do this.

Turn Wi-Fi off (if it was already on)

Turn 4G on. Let it connect.

Then Turn wifi on.

When you leave a wifi area, 4G will automatically turn on. When you are in an area with a remembered wifi network, it will automatically connect.


Ahh ok that's how i did it. I was getting the auto handoff from wifi to 4g but after making some adjustments trying to figure out why Im getting signal problems i suddenly stopped getting the auto network switch. Now i just want to know why 3feet from my router (wndr 3700) only gets me 2 wifi bars and terribly slow web speeds where my laptop gets full signal 100 yards away. My previous palm pre had strength equal to my laptop so its this phone. But that's a different issue for another thread.


go into your wifi settings and forget your home wifi. then re do it like it was the first time again. post if this works or not

disreguard...just now noticed this was posted back in 2011

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