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Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)


Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)

Purchased mine yesterday and in the past 24 hours have noticed a issue with the wifi antenna.  On this unit, I have to be 5' from my router to get full bars.  If I back out and go in my living room, I'm getting one bar, where all other devices are still getting full coverage.  I had a problem last year with a refurbished pre and had it swapped out.  I know I'm going to get a lot of restart your router and change the channels; but have exhausted all resources I have found online which seem to point to be a issue across the line on the galaxy s2's over seas.  Anyone else experiencing this or have found a solution minus just returning it or swapping? 

I'm hoping their may be an update to fix drivers on this chip but I'm finding that people have had this problem since May of this year with no resolve.  Saw that at least 50 people have contacted Samsung on one forum and they pose as if this is the first time they have of heard of this with no resolve. 


Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)

I apologize for the trouble you are having with your device.  However, I tested wifi on the test unit we have here and it works great...even at extremely large distances.  I would have to say that you should return your device and exchange it for a new one.




Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)

I'm also having the same issue.  I'm not sure if it's a software issue where it's measuring wifi strength in a weird way, or if it's actually the antenna.  I went to my college campus today and connected to the wifi there, and it showed no bars, but I browsed the internet just fine...

Are you still able to browse the internet when connected to wifi?  I'm hoping I don't have a faulty antenna or something...


Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)

I think you guys prob have a bad wifi receptor. My touch clocked in amazing speeds on wifi.

I m in East bay of SF bay area and have Comcast high speed cable.


Right next to router - down 18.8 , upload around 6mps

5 feet away - 17.5, 5.4

10 ft away - 16, 4.8

20 ft away - 13, 3.6

50 ft away and this is like in my backyard whereas my router is in absolute front of the house...I clocked in around 6-8 mps down and still around 3 for up.

All around...speeds on the phone is blazingly fast.

I don't think these numbers suggest that my piece have a problem fortunately. The 3G speeds were abysmal however. Not much 4g in my area which is surprising being in Silicon Valley.


Otherwise the phone is just awesome to say least.


Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)

Sorry to hear about your issues. I can do about 10m on 4G network and closer to 20m off the wifi, so I think its just related to your device in particular.


Re: Epic 4G Touch (Wifi Issues)

Having the same problems. As I am typing this, I am about 10ft directly in front of the wifi router, with nothing but air between me and it, and my device is saying that I have "fair" to "good" connection. Got the phone brand new from Bestbuy on Feb 1 and have had this problem ever since I got it.

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