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Epic 4G Touch battery draining after latest update.


Epic 4G Touch battery draining after latest update.


I used to feel sorry for all of those Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Galaxy S2 for Sprint) who were experiencing battery drain with the last couple of updates.  Unfortunately, the latest update has created a serious drain in the battery life of my phone now.


Palo Alto, California


I can have a charge of 75% when I go to bed at night.  When I wake up, the battery is usually at about 16-19%.  The device is not being used at all and no one really texts me at night either.  Notifications are off and I don't allow any apps to auto-update either.  This didn't happen prior to the latest update. 

ALSO: I checked the battery to see what was causing the issue.  Right now, my device says that the SCREEN has used over 60%, Cell Standby 11%, Phone Idle 6% and Android System 3%.  This seems to be different from the other people who had the battery drainage problem with ICS (which had the Android System using the bulk of their battery).  BTW, I tried to take a screenshot of the battery page, but it seems like the POWER + VOLUME DOWN no longer works with this latest update.  Go figure.

Failed Solutions:

I looked up information on the Sprint website and other websites too.  I have tried all of the following solutions:

  1. Wipe Cache Partition - I followed the instructions to wipe my cache partition.  I remove the battery for over a minute, reinsert it and then hold the POWER button and VOLUME UP buttons simultaneously.  This brings up a "safe boot" menu for which I select "wipe cache partition."  Interestingly, when I select this, it only takes a second to wipe it and does not automatically reboot as others have suggested it would.  I manually reboot it and it begins again.  Also, most of my "game saves" and usernames remain when I select this feature.
  2. Check battery for bulge - I remove my battery and inspect for any noticeable bulge.  There isn't one.  Plus, the battery seemed great prior to the update and I didn't have any problem during the update either.
  3. Turned off the silly, automatic WiFi feature with this latest update - I followed the instructions on my device in order to disable the WiFi from automatically turning on or trying to connect with our WiFi.
  4. Turned off 4G - Our 4G coverage is usually pretty good.  However, it often "drops" us from connectivity while in use.  We have contacted Sprint about this but they seem either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.  So, we tend to leave 4G off unless we are going to manually download something.
  5. GPS and Bluetooth are disabled - We don't really use it and can easily turn it on when it is needed.

Now, to be clear: I DO NOT WANT TO PERFORM A FACTORY RESET.  This is for two reasons:

1.) Many people online seem to have been told to do this and it didn't work; and,

2.) I don't want to be inconvenienced because Sprint is too lazy to find a solution that doesn't require resetting my device and subsequent updates.

This seems to be Sprint's solution for every problem!  In the past, they performed factory resets on devices that we later found to have had simple solutions.  Since I pay well more than $200 a month to Sprint, I expect their service to be better than "let's just reset your device."  I am also beginning to grow extremely frustrated with Sprint's inability to test and send out updates in a competent manner. 

I don't want to take it to the Sprint store because they are as incompetent as any "technicians" as I have ever seen.  Their typical, immediate solution for EVERY problem that we have ever had was a "factory reset."

Any help, advice or tips?


Re: Epic 4G Touch battery draining after latest update.

No help, advice or tips just commiseration.  My phone just shut down due to critically low battery 4 hours after a full charge, without making a single call.  After plugging it into the charger for 15 minutes it shows about a 90% charge.   My airave stopped working with the latest update as well.  Standard procedures of rebooting, removing battery, resetting airave, powering off modem, router, etc, etc, makes no difference.  Of course, standard tech support not aware of any issues but latest update appears to be SERIOUSLY flawed.


Re: Epic 4G Touch battery draining after latest update.

It happened again last night.  My device had a 77% charge when I went to sleep.  Seven hours later, my device was at 19%.


Re: Epic 4G Touch battery draining after latest update.

The update was forced on my Galaxy SII last week.  The upgrade removed all my personalization and it took away my option to have my apps in folders.  I had to download an app that does it, but it isn't as satisfactory as the original way of doing it.  When things get taken away doesn't that make it a downgrade?

Now, my battery can be fully charged when I go to bed and dead in the morning.  I am doing nothing different than before the upgrade. Then, when fully charged I can start playing my game and the screen starts to flicker and the phone turns off.  I plug it in and the battery shows it is drained, but five seconds later the batter shows almost full.

I used to love my phone.    I was going to give it to my mother-in-law when I upgraded but she is non-technical.  I wonder if it will still do that if I uninstall my apps and put in the two games she likes.  Ugh.

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