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Epic 4g Touch Screen Crapped Out


Epic 4g Touch Screen Crapped Out

So, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch on September 17th from a Sprint store.  Since then I have fallen in love with the phone, I am not getting the signal issues or any of the problems people seem to be complaining about.  However last night while I was at my desk I received a phone call and my screen turned on and off immediately.  Now when I try to press the power button a line of pixels shows at the very top of the screen as if it is trying to come on but won't.  The phone still works as far as buttons and noises but it is completely useless without the screen. So i decided to call Sprint and explain what happened so they told me to call the location where I bought the phone.  I called and apparently that Sprint store is closed on Sundays, so I called a few other other stores.  Long story short after calling about about 5 Sprint stores and customer service about 3-4 times, Sprint refuses to exchange my phone at a store because I am past my NEW 2 week exchange period (used to be 30days), and will only give me a refurbished phone and I will have to wait 2-3 days for it.  Needless to say, I am extremely upset. Considering I've been a customer for seven years and I just purchased Nexus S in August, and this phone 3 weeks ago along with 2 new two year agreements. Apparently this is the best Sprint can do. Am i being unreasonable? Considering I just bought what is supposed to be the top of the line Samsung Android phone, have never dropped it, have never even gotten it close to water, I have a case on the phone and a screen protector, and when my screen craps out on me 3 weeks later, Sprint wants to give me a refurbished phone.  I want a new phone, at the price of this phone and its supposed quality and considering I bought it 3 weeks ago I was expecting a bit more on Sprint's end. However after Sprint placed a $20 Billion order for 30 million iPhones, I guess they forgot about the old customers and turned their focus to the new.


Epic 4g Touch Screen Crapped Out

Welcome to the world of infant mortality in technology.  Most failures occur in the first month or so in ANY electronic product.  You had a used phone (it is out of the box therefore it is used - drive a car off the lot sometime) and you were offered a refurb.  I'd be glad - maybe even prefer - a refurb because it has actually be tested and there will not be any infant mortality problems.  Go for it and be happy - now if the refurb looks crappy, that is reason enough to not accept it but you will not know until you see it.


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