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G S II - Some Issues and a LOS idea


G S II - Some Issues and a LOS idea

FIrst, I LOVE this phone!!!!!  My BEST Sprint phone ever and I and my family (6 phones) have been with Sprint for WAY over 10 years...

Advertised USB to USB FAIL:

one of my few peeves: the Galaxy S II was advertised as a phone that could connect to external USB drives and devices (keyboard mouse, etc) via a Micro USB to female USB cable (also called a OTG -OnTheGo) cable. I have two of these cables (off brand) and the phone does not recognize either cable when it is plugged in as it is supposed to, nor will it "see" any flash drive/device connected. First I called Samsung Customer Service and was told that "Yes, the SPRINT phone does support the USB to USB connection" and all I needed was the "Official" USB to USB cable.. click, hold... I was transfered to the Accessory Sales Department where I was told in no uncertain terms that the Samsung USB to USB Cable was NOT compatible with the SPRINT phone.. I was also told that it works PERFECT on the AT&T and TMobile phones (as you can see on Youtube and other places) but will NOT work on the Sprint phone, period... arrgghh. The sprint rep I then called was absolutely clueless and did not even know what USB to USB was.

So just be aware that, at least for now, the Sprint Version of the G S II does NOT allow connection via USB to ANY drive or device (keyboard/mouse etc) as is claimed on the advertisiemtn page for the Sprint version of the phone!

So, SPRINT REPS! if you are reading: PLEASE suggest that any update please correct this issue as it is one of the things that was touted on many websites about this phone.

SWYPE issue:

After using Swype Beta for about a year on my Hero I do NOT understand whny this latest version on the GSII does NOT put a space before a single letter word!!! Swype Beta does!!!! If I type "when I get home" on the Hero I get just that but on the GSII I get "WhenI get home", "Customer wants to return a table" becomes "Customer wants to returna table" makes NO sense.. why is it doing this? it makes for some really strange and unreadable words!


For those of you that are seeing a lot of Loss of Service/Cannot COnnect to Server notifications:

I have had my phone for over a month now and heve never seen such an issue. My daughter replaced her BB Tour with a G S II two weeks ago and was having terrible issues with no connectivity that was effecting her SMS messages and her Gmail but NOT her phone calls. Odd... I had her check to make sure that the 4G was OFF since there is NO 4G where she is at college but then I asked her about WiFI.. Since she is at a large college where there are about a billion WiFi signals everywhere I told her to turn it off except at her apartment where she could actually log on to her router. BINGO! the SECOND she turned off the WiFi in an area whre the phone was being bombarded with many, many WiFi signals, she got about two dozen SMS messages and a bunch of emails... since then she has seen NO loss of service/no "cannot connect to server" issues at all. I don't know why but it worked!.

Now, I don't know if this will help anyone else but she was on the phone with me whet I told her what to do and I could HEAR the incoming message tone fire up the moment she turned off the WiFi... I told her to turn it on ONLY when she is actaully going to be connected via WiFi... Just a thought.

Voice Command/Speak Text issue:

While the phone WILL actually read the incoming SMS messages if you are using the STOCK, Smasung/Android messaging app it will NOT read them if you are using Handcent.. too bad. I LOVE handcent but will switch back the the stock one so it will rerad the SMS messages when I am driving.

Unlike the video from Samsung, I cannot get the phone to SEND a meesssage or email. It will create it and fill it in with my words (which it does VERY well, I'm happy to say) but then waits for me to press send. The Samsung Video shos the user just saying send and it happens... glitch? Bug? dunno. I DO like it reading me my messages tho in the car. I wish it was a bit more "Siri" like in being able to reply tho.

SPRINT REPS: the DRIVE mode/Voicetalk combo needs to be a LOT more "hands free" than it is currently.... It needs to remain "on" after the call so that I can use it again.. When a call comes in it announces the caller but I must touch the phone to answer and after the call the app is nowhere to be seen. It should return online and be ready. Hands Free should actually be hands free, don't you think?

I am constantly amazed at the battery life when compared to my Hero! I usually see about 60-65% remaining battery at 7-8PM after unplugging at 7-8AM so I am one happy camper! The large screen is great, the brightness is wonderful, and I, for one, being OLD, am happy that they didn't go to a higher resolution screen since this is a LOT easier to read than my Hero!




      I haven't personally tried the OTG yet but I have seen several XDA threads about it where people were complaining about it being hit or miss, hopefully some of these issues will be addressed in the future. As for the Swype issue, I can tell you that Swype is aware of it and it has been reported as happening in several different phones not just the Epic Touch, here's the thread where the Swype team posted they were looking into this issue though.The LoS issue is scheduled to be addressed in the first update. As for the voice command/speak text, yes I agree I'm hoping with future versions of software the functionality is expanded and improved. Thanks for the feedback!


i gave up a long time ago on the stock voice/speak text and went with vlingo. takes a little to get used to it but it has always worked alot better for me than the stock one did.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Thanks for the suggestion - but if your daughter were experiencing the LOS issue, you wouldn't have been able to talk to her. With this particular issue, the radio literally turns itself off. OFF. No calls out, no calls in, and dropped calls if you happen to be speaking when the issue hits you. I have NEVER experienced this in almost twenty years of cell phone usage.

Unfortunately your daughter's issues were probably some of the other many, random bugs that are frequently reported and confused with this one.

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