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Galaxy S II Issues Just Like Everyone Else...I Hope :(


Galaxy S II Issues Just Like Everyone Else...I Hope :(

Hello All,

My turn through my issues out there along with everyone else. Here is list of all the issues I've encountered in a chronological timeline with in the past two weeks.

Started things off  on Thursday Feb 7. Had my S II for roughly a year (To the day I might add). During that day. My power/lock button decided to "malfunction" or so the techs at the service center tell me. When pressing said button, the phone would lag or freeze then reboot. I'm like great, lets go to the service center. My original thoughts on the issue was the same as the service rep and the tech that the internal button had broken and a replacement phone was needed along with a new battery as my old one was about to go bad due it being able to spin good bit.

So they gave me a new phone on the spot and transferred everything over and was happily on my way with a working phone....or so I thought.

That night I did all the updates and everything and ready to go. Friday came along the phone worked fine and what not then when i got home I noticed that menu screen would keep activating without me touching the button. This immediately irritates me. It wasn't that bad at first but continually got worse through the week. Also I noticed that the wifi and 4g would turn on by itself with AND without the Sprint Coverage Optimizer being activated causing the battery to significantly drain. My theory was that this may had been due to still using the bad battery and wouldn't panic until the new one came in. New battery came in and the issues continue. I aslo noticed that it was happning more frequently when my service signal strength was low. I recall at least a 3 bar or so difference in signal strength from my not fully updated old S II compared to my fully updated replacement phone.  I do my research and go back to the service center to explain what's happening and to see what they can do / know.  They claimed that all of these issues had to do with the most recent updates. They stated that the android update was created with the S III's hardware where in mind and that it was just applied to the S II. They go on to say that, at least as far as the phantom pressing goes, there was issue with the coding with the update as the the S III only as 3 hard keys at the bottom of the phone while the S II has 4. As far as the other issues, they figured it was due to the recent update as well. This totally contradicts earlier research I did where  sprint personnel on this community forum were stating how Samsung knows about this issue, and that it has something to do with a piece of tape and what not underneath the hard keys and that when its replaced or a new phone was giving out that had the hardware fix would fix the phantom menu pressing. At the moment, I tend to agree with the people of my service center because of the fact that i got the phone well after the issue had been discovered and the phone would have already had the hardware fix in it. Also if it were a hardware issue, my thinking is that this issue would have surfaced well before this last update.

Now on Friday night, the power/lock key issue surfaced again where everything I would press it to unlock/lock my phone,it would lag/freeze then it would reboot. So I just turned the phone off for the night and figured I'd make another trip out the service center the next day. The next day came and the issue seemed to have fixed itself. This started to change my thinking before of this being a hardware issue as there has been no damage to the phone since I received it. The power/lock button worked fine all Saturday and most of today until about 5:00 when it started acting up again.

So a List of my Issues:

1. Power/Lock button malfunctioning causing phone to lag, freeze and reboot or not do anything at all.

2. Phantom Menu Pressing

3. Random wifi/4g activation

4. Massive battery drain

5. Massive Signal Decrease

Now time for some Q and hopefully someone with some real credentials/credibility give a good A.

1. Could someone confirm they are dealing with the same issues I have been dealing with over the past few weeks( especially with the power/lock button as that is the most crucial) ?

2. Can we confirm that all of these issues are relative to this most recent update?

     a. If so, why hasn't there been some sort of official statement from either Samsung or Sprint regarding the issues with the update sent out to their customers?

     b. If so, What's being done about it

     c. If so, Why wasn't this update thoroughly tested before releasing the update to millions of customers as obviously their a lot of easy to find, widespread defects.

     d. If so, what will happen if these issues are not able to be resolved?


Re: Galaxy S II Issues Just Like Everyone Else...I Hope :(

Go to this thread for the random menu problem.  Maybe you can get a replacement phone that will address all the issues at once.


Re: Galaxy S II Issues Just Like Everyone Else...I Hope :(

I recently allowed an over-the-air update to my Sii and have the same problem with the Wi-Fi and 4G buttons continuing to turn themselves on. My battery life is crap. This is my original phone, about 14 months old, and prior to the recent upgrade I've had no significant issues (apart from Sprint's crappy coverage in general).


Re: Galaxy S II Issues Just Like Everyone Else...I Hope :(

Found a possible answer to the 4G / WiFi magically turning itself on here:


Re: Galaxy S II Issues Just Like Everyone Else...I Hope :(

Hi RAC0636.

I'm glad to have found your post.  I'm a fellow sprint customer and have been going through the same problems that you have.

My problems:

Since I did an update at the end of March that was pushed through by Sprint, my phone keeps having the menu screen pop up for no reason.

Each time the menu screen would pop up, 1 of 2 things would happen: (1) I would either be able to hit the back button at the bottom of my phone or (2) the phone would cycle itself off and back on.

After this started happening, my phone would cycle itself off and back on with or without the menu screen randomly popping up.

Now, my power button has stopped working completely.

I didn't realize until your post that my battery has also been seeing massive drain when it cycles itself off and then back on.  And it sucks because I just bought a new battery in February so I know its not due to the battery.

Also, I have had pretty poor reception starting last week, and I live in a 4G area in South Florida where I have always had a significant numbers of bars showing on my reception indicator.  It has even been to the point where my calls drop when the reception goes completely out.

I bought my phone brand new on last year, and I did not have these problems until I did an update on my phone pushed by Sprint.  Now in addition to these problems, I have to plug my phone in to the usb charger and remove it from the charger to be able to use the phone, because this action mimics what my now non-functioning power button used to do. I know that other sprint customers have been able to get a ticket made on their behalf to get their phones fixed due to these issues.  I would also like a ticket to be made on my behalf so that I can take it to a store and have my phone properly fixed like the other sprint users in the various forums concerning these issues.

I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one going through what you are going through and that these issues are now recognized by the Sprint company as "known issues".

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