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Galaxy S II Issues


Galaxy S II Issues

I had my Galaxy S II replaced last week and now I'm experiencing new issues that my previous Galaxy S II didn't have... Whaa?

1.) Every couple of hours the text messaging service pops up and says it's Not Responding and then has me force close it. I'm not even using it when this happens although one time I was in the middle of sending a text when it crashed. Other times I'll just unlock my phone to use it and the message is waiting for me to force close the service.

2.) My phone is set to allow me to roam because in Indianapolis and most of the areas I frequent the towers are completely overloaded/at capacity. I've confirmed this with two seperate techs at local Sprint Stores so I went ahead and told my phone to roam freely. With this second Galaxy S II however when I go into roaming I get a nice pop-up message repeatedly telling me I have no service because I am in a roaming area. I checked the settings repeatedly and it's not set to warn me, just to go ahead and use it.

3.) Whenever I get a voicemail (like every single time) I get a text message seconds later from 9230 saying, "Message sent using invalid number of digits. Please resend using 10 digit number or valid short code. Msg 2114.

Can anyone help with any of these issues? I'm still within my 14 day exchange and am still experiencing issues that I saw on the first Galaxy S II I got like it inverted all of my finger movements on my touchscreen while it's plugged into my PC or Laptop. It's been nearly a month with not a peep from Samsung on fixes for any of the issues that I've reported or seen. I've also received nothing from Samsung's Twitter support team other than the fact it was being sent on to their engineers, so I'm starting to resent this phone.


Kallizm: I have not had your issues with the text messaging (I have just noticed a 2-3 second delay in sending sometimes. But the roaming issue may have to do with "how you set it to roam." It was posted in a previous discussion. When setting it to roam you need to follow these steps: Menu - Settings - Wireless and Network - Roaming - Make sure Roaming Mode is Automatic - Roaming Settings - uncheck both Domestic Voice and Data and "then" check Data first (you will get a message Domestic voice roaming must be selected for domestic data roaming to work. Additional charges....... click Yes). It will then automatically select the Voice. See if that helps.

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