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Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part


Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with ICS.  Recently over the last few months 3G just drops from the phone.  No icon no data..  4G data works but I don't have great 4G where i'm at...  in the past updating the PRL and updating the profile and then rebooting the phone would work for about a day.  I took it to a sprint store and they "reprogrammed" my phone and it worked for about 3 days but now I'm back to no 3g.  What is going on here?


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

Welcome to ICS. I, too, have that same problem, but 'reprogramming' my phone did nothing. Have you noticed that the problem seems to be in areas with weak signal? If I have more than 4 bars, I don't get dropped, it just degrades to 1 or 2 sporadically. If I have a weak signal, like 2-3 bars, it goes away entirely.


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

Problems here also.  Had the ICS update reloaded at my Sprint store and it did nothing to help.  I constantly have to pull the battery to get my phone to stop acting up.  Sucks  It works fine for awhile and then will start bugging out.  Today GPS was froze.  Had to take the battery out and like magic it works fine again.  I might have to try shutting my phone down every night while charging.  Restart every day.  IDK.  Does not seem like Samsung, Sprint or Google want to admit to the OS problem on this Phone. 


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

Well I got it hammered out finally.  Had to call sprint tech support and they determined that "dual-mode" was not running/enabled on my phone and they would have to push out something through the provisioning system to make it work.  Complained loudly and also got some cash off my next month.  Call them and ask them to check for dual mode.


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

update:  Bombed again....  Seems to have something to do with the full device encryption....  the sprint jackass did a hard factory reset on my phone this morning without my permission.  Good news is magically 3G returned and was working great, until I full disk encrypted the device and now it's gone again..

Seems the post describes what I have going on as well.



Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

Here is a conversation I just had with the samsung typing support.

Chat Information Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

Chat Information You are now chatting with 'Ronnie'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.

Chat Information Your Issue ID for this chat is

Ronnie: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

Visitor: After full device encrypting my SII my 3G no longer works

Ronnie: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Ronnie: I understand that you are unable to connect to 3g on your Samsung SPH-D710 . Is that correct?

Visitor: Yes I'm with sprint.  It seems others have had this issue as well:


Visitor: And the important point is that I did a hard reset this morning and everything was working fine, switching between 4g wifi and 3g without any issue.  once I encrypted the device 3G connectivity no longer works.

Ronnie: Please let me know if you are referring to rooting of the device

Visitor: I am not.  The device is factory reset as of this morning.  It has never been rooted.

Visitor: It is running andriod 4.0.4 provided by sprint

Ronnie: Okay

Ronnie: I will be more than happy to assist you.

Ronnie: Let us try troubleshooting the issue.

Ronnie: Please perform a soft reset on the phone. It will refresh the phone's internal circu

Ronnie: itry.

Ronnie: Please follow the steps mentioned below to perform a soft reset on your Phone.

  1. Turn off the handset.
2. Remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds.
3. Reinsert the battery and turn ON the device.

Visitor: ok

Ronnie: Please let me know once you are done.

Ronnie: Also check the Use packet data option on the phone.

Ronnie: From home screen, tap Menu Key>> Settings>> More>>Mobile networks.

Ronnie: Check use packet data

Visitor: ok I will do the packet data once it starts back up.

Ronnie: Sure

Visitor: ok under that area all I have is "3G data" and that is checked. 

Ronnie: Please uncheck and check it once again.

Ronnie: Check if you are able to access data by going to the browser on the device

Visitor: ok I did that and I am not able to go to a page.  The error says the internet is not available

Ronnie: Did you checked if the internet is activated from sprint?

Ronnie: *internet service

Visitor: Yes it is activiated.  They have re-provisioned me 4 times this past month. Each time they do it 3G works for about 2 or 3 days and then stops working.

Ronnie: Are you able to connect to wi-fi?

Visitor: Yes, wifi and 4G work fine

Ronnie: Let me guide you with the information.

Ronnie: The data connection depends on the signal availability.

Visitor: ok I have 6 of 7 bars right now

Ronnie: If the 4 G signals are avialable it connects to 4G and if the 3 G signals are available in the area it connects to 3G.

Ronnie: Please check if different location if you are able to connect to 3G

Visitor: Right, the issue is my fiance has an S2 with sprint in the same room and she has 3G and I dont

Ronnie: I understand your concern.

Ronnie: We can try to reset the device once again

Ronnie: Master reset erases all the data on the phone memory(if contacts, messages, applications are stored on phone memory, it will get erased) and restores the phone to factory settings.

Ronnie: Shall I provide you with the steps?

Visitor: I really don't want to do that again if we can avoid it.  I just did that this morning at the sprint store and just barely got everything re-installed.  It solved the issue until the device was encrypted

Visitor: is there anything else we can ry

Ronnie: I am sorry, as we have checked the packet data and still the 3 G is not getting connected the only option is to master reset

Ronnie: You can back up the data using kies and master reset it

Visitor: Ok, Where do I go in kies to backup?


Ronnie: You can download the kies software from the link.

Ronnie: Install and restart the PC for effective changes.

Ronnie: Open kies and connect the phone to the PC.

Ronnie: Kies will detect the device and you can easily back up the data.

Ronnie: Once the data is backed up, reset the device and check if it fixes the issue.

Visitor: Ok, I will try this... The issue is that I tried this exact thing this morning.  Resetting it DID fix the 3G UNTIL I encrypted the whole device.

Ronnie: I can understand, please try resetting it once again and check the result. You can check and if any issue persists, get back to us anytime as we are online 24/7.

Visitor: Ok, and to hard reset I use the volume down and power button to get the reset menu right?

Ronnie: No, you can directly reset the device. From home screen, tap Menu Key>> Settings>>Back up and reset>>Factory data reset.

Visitor: Ok I will try this once the device is backed up.  Will this chat history be saved with my samsung account?

Ronnie: No. You can refer to the chat id


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

The EK02 update to the epic 4g software removed the encryption function on the device.  This was done by samsung as it was casuing problems with several things on the phone and it has not been replaced.   I would check to see what software you are running on the device/

To correct the problem you are having now I would turn of the encyrption  on the device.  The eko2 softwae was released in December 2011  There have been 4 addtional software updates since then,   To see what your software version is 

Press Menu, then tap Settings

Scroll to and tap About Phone

The Baseband version lists the current build number


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

Baseband version is SSmiley Very Happy710.10.S.FI27

And frankly the ability to whole encrypt the device with FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption was one of the major reasons I wanted the device to begin with.  When will a solution be developed?


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

So I have an update...  A couple things have happened and something seems to have improved my situation.

1.  Sprint has been udpating towers in our area so generally I get more 4G but also I have been able to switch between 3g and 4g without problem lately and without a hard reset or a soft reset.

2.  I was noticing a "soft reset" where you pull out the battery would resolve the 3g issue.  I went out on a limb and purchased a new OEM battery and installed it.  I don' t know if there is any correlation but since I have done this I have yet to lose 3g again..

Summary:  Today it appears as though this is somehow connected to the battery and NOT the encryption....  Will post again if I find anything else.


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

I know it has been a few months .. . just curious what the outcome was for you on replacing the battery.  We are having the exact same issue.


Re: Galaxy s2 (EPIC Touch 4G) Lost 3g and therefore data for the most part

Having the same issue but it was after a new battery was installed. Any other ideas?

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